Monday, August 17, 2009

US Ambassador In Honduras Called To Washington

August 9, 2009
"The left wing has a lot of support (from outside Honduras), apparently including U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens. So, to maintain freedom here remains a challenge."
American in Tegucigalpa

August 14, 2009
"No details as to why. The biggest news is that U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens was recalled today."

"The United States Ambassador to Honduras has just left Honduras, at the request of the United States Government. Hugo Llorens has been asked to present himself in Washington."
American in Tegu

Aug. 16, 2009
"The U.S. yesterday de-credentialed three Honduran Consulates in the U.S. that were NOT actively supporting Zelaya!"
American in Tegu

The United States does not recognize the constitutional removal of Manuel Zalaya who had been elected president almost four years ago. When he tried to hold an unconstitutional election he was expelled BY HIS OWN PARTY and the national Supreme Court. The United States backs the deposed president and rejects the actions of this freedom loving country. The US is doing everything it can to force a despot back to Tegucigalpa.

Several Republican members of Congress have now spoken up. Connie Mack and others visited Honduras. Bottom line: Obama backs the socialist. Republicans back the people of Honduras who are standing firm to keep their country free.

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