Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pam Roach Responds To Reader. "I Am Unique," Says Roach.

From two readers:
"Let's not get caught up in the investigation of CPS to the extent that we overlook crimes, molesting, abusing, neglect, etc. that actually occur in SOME cases on the part of parents or grandparents. These outrages do happen, and CPS, however imperfect needs to be involved. No governmental authority or agency or body acts at 100% efficiency or correctness at all times, and we'd be fools to expect that kind of perfection. We are not anonymous. We are
Dave and Lorrie Davis, Auburn, wa"

Thank you Dave and Lorrie. I appreciate the opportunity to reset the debate. This is just a humble blog. I follow a few stories and a few subjects...and mention a little about my family. I have been told by a reporter for the AP that I am the ONLY elected official in the country who writes their own blog. So, I am unique.

I am a legislator and I am interested in law and whether or not it is being followed and how it might better serve the people. Government accountability is important to me. Here are my responses:

#1. No one is forgetting about the crimes and molestations, etc. that happen at the hands of relatives. Let's not forget that DSHS has knowingly left children in dangerous situations. I reported on the 47 pound 14 year old who had gone to CPS via her school. The social worker had spent 30 minutes interviewing the family and left the girl there four years prior. They never went back...even though the girl stopped going to school. What did they think...that the girl wasn't punished after she blew the whistle? No, Dave and Lorrie, I don't forget these things! I am probably the only elected official who called the King County Prosecutor and asked for an exceptional sentence for the worse than wicked father and wicked step-mother. But, what do you think Dave? Should the department do an investigation on this? Should the public have a right to know what happened? Should we be able to see the statewide statistics on these foul ups? Would public knowledge put pressure on CPS to do a better job? I think the more the public knows the better. There is too much secrecy in CPS. Open government is a tool for the public and the lack of it is a shield for those that need correction within the department.

#2 I disagree that we can't shoot for a 100%. The WA State Patrol is a very good example of a disciplined agency. If an officer is even thought to make a mistake they are put on administrative leave until an issue is resolved. The employee is actually the point of newspaper stories, etc. Real names are used for Pete's sake! If you are following this blog ask yourself this: What happened to the person who lied in the in home study of the Stuths? The report said they did not financially support their daughter or visit her at all. It took KING5 to tell the world the truth. The government's own records showed the visitation vouchers paid to the Stuths and the Stuths produced cancelled support checks. Did the department investigate any of the many, many terrible things to which the Stuth's were subjected? What would happen if a cop wrote a false report and it was proved? Yeah...that's right. Different agencies have different standards.

Just like you, dear readers, I expect the best performance from government. That means no lies, and it does mean accountability, openness, and an effort to correct their wrongdoings.

Dave and just isn't news when everything goes well. We must spend our time working toward perfection. I will continue to work for constitutional freedoms and the protection of vulnerable citizens.


safariman said...


I'm so preoccupied about Honduras (I live in Tegucigalpa) that I haven't read much other than news about us in recent days.

But this caught my eye. I love your attitude.

If your interest in doing the right thing was pervasive in the Governments of the world...well we REALLY would have GOOD government. All over!

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

That-a-girl Pam!

There wouldn't be as many problem's in the world right now if the problem's actually got fixed instead of band-aided.CPS should not be the exception!Liars,cheats and such should be done away with.

As for molestors of ANY sort...hang 'em all.It doesn't matter if they're family or not!Some people can't be fixed no matter what you do to them.

Anonymous said...

Pam one person cannot do it all but one person can make a difference!! You have made a difference in so many peoples lives. Of course you have not forgotten about all the other "crimes" but..CPS commits crimes everday and sometimes those crimes cost children their lives, their families and their hearts. the question I always ask is this: Where will we be in 10 years? all of these little children being turned into a person without their families without a country so to speak where will they be at ages 16 and on. I cringe when I think of all the damage this CPS agency is doing behind closed doors.