Friday, August 21, 2009

Factoid From Ron In Spokane

"By the way..CPS caseworkers are not credentialed. They have no professional training other then a 6-week course. They are not licensed social workers and not even registered with the Dept of Health. Since they are not credentialed, they have no professional code of conduct.
.... Ron"


Anonymous said...

um all the caseworkers I've met have at least a degree in something, which includes months and months of internship..

"credentialed" doesn't mean squat. Look at George W. Bush.

Anonymous said...

No, look at Obama who is trying to take away all our freedoms, turn us into a socialist country, and use the Constitution as toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ron and my complaint has consistantly been that they are acting as counselors, should be registered with the State and under the Department of Health. They make life changing/altering decisions and should be held accountable. Why aren't they? Is it in the State's compelling interest to keep it that way as a power base? The kind of probing questions asked, the family treatment plans, the feedback given, decisions made to obtain mental health evaluations etc. etc. are all indicative of strong counselor behavioral modification strategies. This is a licensed activity and as far as I am concerned, they are going against the law and ethics codes by violating all of the above.