Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CPS For Years Has Made Work For Itself On One Hand And Not Done The Work On Another

The following is a Reader Comment just received. It was written as a comment to the preceding blog. Edited for the blog. PR

In reading this story I am horrified. And, I think about how DSHS FOUGHT tooth and nail for my niece and nephew who didn't need "protection".

My niece and nephew were taken directly out of a hospital room over twenty years ago; both born healthy. They were not born to drug addicts or alcoholics. How and why is that possible?

I had a large home at the time and definitely they would have been well cared for. (I lived out of state.) They would have had wonderful meals as I am also a good cook! They would have lived in a nice clean home!

Today, we are separated because of the involvement of strangers (foster care and foster/adopt). Could somebody please tell me how this could happen?

How does it happen that DSHS allows a child to starve, while destroying another biological family that didn't need their services?

The couple who gave birth may have needed a helping hand. However, grandparents and relatives could have assisted with that helping hand. So, while the state makes this child a millionaire and did nothing to protect this child, another biological family suffers the consequences. That is what I am reading into this story!

Thank you reader.


strawberryblonde said...

And he will need every penny to receive psycho therapy. You can't fix damage that deep.

Anonymous said...

To the reader above;
Yes, he may need every penny. However, the couple who gave birth to my niece and nephew; their mental health was also destroyed and their lives destroyed. Don't you think my life also has been affected and the life of the grandparents. If we didn't care; we wouldn't still be blogging twenty years later about CPS. We received nothing but insults from CPS. Try making a living on insults and try fixing all the damage CPS has caused to our family because of their insults and the kidnapping of our relatives! Who are we supposed to turn to for help?

Anonymous said...

Get these injustices to Glenn Beck. Maybe he will investigate while he is here in Washinton.