Saturday, August 29, 2009

Socialist Reader Too Gutless To Post A Name

On this we do agree...don't muck around with the Honduran government. If this reader really felt that way he/she would tell the U.S. to get out and let Honduras work this. The U.S. is currently working to change Honduran government from good to bad.

Reader states:
"As long as the Hondurans arnt being ruthlessly slaughtered..why do we care ??? Let other people run their own part of the world and lets focus on ours..I cant think of a single possible example of where another nation, particularly these banana republic nations actually benefited from our mucking around with their government.

oh no - those people over their have a different form of government than we do! Be afraid! RAWR"

This reader is one of those people who monitors this blog to, at some point, use whatever I might say against me. They come from the right and the left. This one is really an idiot. Honduras is a constitutional democracy. The U. S. actions (inactions and positions just recently taken) are aimed at changing their form of government. This is not a matter of the U.S. going to Vietnam, Iraq, etc. It is a matter of the U.S., under Obama, of supporting a change from a democratic republic to a socialistic state. Go check out Venezuela you dope! Is that what you want? For you the answer is "yes." Why don't you man/woman-up and sign your name?

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CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

Just keep telling us the truth Senator. For most it seems, it is a hard chew and even a rougher swallow..the truth that is.


CC Tillett