Friday, August 14, 2009

Glenn Beck In Seattle, Sept. 26th..Be In The Pam Roach Section

Please go to to order your tickets from Evergreen Freedom Foundation which is sponsoring the Beck visit. In the comment section of the site say you want to sit in the Pam Roach seating!

I will be giving a speech in another state on Friday afternoon...and then flying home that night to be at Safeco Field for Saturday's fun. $25 without lunch and $50 with a box lunch.*

I am flying my 82 year-old mother in to see and hear Beck. When this guy "got it right" on Honduras...I was sold!

* $100 gets you on the stadium floor. If you are interested in that just comment to me and give me your contact information. Thanks everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I spent the entire day at family court today. I went to attend the 72 hour shelter care hearing which was changed to Monday without contacting me. Monday I scheduled a psych eval at their request. One of the main reasons they are requesting that is because I picketed and they tried to say that makes me unstable.
Apparently, they are going after parental termination and have placed the children with a foster adopt.
Now, point number one, they coerced my daughter into waiving the 72 hour thing and combined two cases (two children). Really it was in my daughter's best interest to keep them separate.
I went to the court house to file a motion to intervene. I didn't have the case number. The court said that the case number is confidential and they couldn't give it to me. They said I would have to get it somewhere else. Now, the trials are PUBLIC are they not? So what is the big deal about the case number? I went to CPS and got both case numbers and dropped off copies of the motion to intervene then went back to court.
At the court, I wanted to become a part of the hearing on Monday and needed to get permission to bypass the five day rule. I was told I had to file a motion to reduce the time and attend the 4 o'clock hearing. I quickly did a motion then was asked if all parties had recieved a copy. No, all parties had not it was 3:30. I went to the court and the judge told me I couldn't file this motion because I wasn't a party to the case. So, if someone is going pro se, shouldn't they have access to the case number? And if it is physically impossible to obey the 5 day rule due to court protocol, shouldn't there be exceptions?
Let me tell you, they are making it really hard to become a party to the case.
I am fighting their homestudy and requesting a gag order and new homestudy. It will be interesting to see how the court handles this.