Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Baby Boy!!! Charlie Is Here!

Charlie is here!

Tonight at 9:02 in the Bonney Lake home of Rep. Dan Roach and Melanie...little Charlie joined the family. He is a real cutie. Very sweet. Hardly cried at all.

Mel and Dan and midwife, Nancy Spencer were upstairs. The rest of us were in the house painlessly passing the couple of hours. I took Ethan (8) to his ballgame and his cousin Matt (8) joined us. Little ones watched "Scooby Doo," Grandma Bonney saw baby Hannah (3 weeks)for the first time. Aunt Jamie cleaned the kitchen, Jim brought in a box of zucchini and reminded everyone to take some on the way home. I was the food runner...snacks are imperative!

Ten minutes after Charlie was born the family went up to see him.

We are very thankful for our blessings. Our Heavenly Father has watched over Melanie and Roz and Claire...and our three new grandchildren. We give a humble thanks.


Anonymous said...

Congratuations on your new grandchild. May God richly bless him and your family.
Jan Smith

Stacy Trussell said...

Congratulations on Charlie!! There is nothing more precious than a new baby joining a family.

Anonymous said...

no way. you admit to not going to hospital. guess i got to turn u into cps. scooby do is not a good cartoon for children. again got to call cps. the kitchen wasn't already cleaned? again got to call cps.. see u in court within 72 hours. oh wait the court if your in colville at least is usually to busy... so see you in ohh say 3 for weeks. no harm to the child anyways since they are so young. just ask jerry prolo and the rest of the gang up there.