Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clean Bill Of Health For Lilly's Grandparents

Update on Madison.... Yesterday Lilly's grandmother received a physical and a clean bill of health. In her words:
"The doctor said we were "excellent candidates" and "neither of us have any current illness or condition that would interfere with the proper care of a child." I am sending off our medical reports to both Thomasina James (DSHS) and XX (private) and faxing to XX. As you all know this was one of DSDS's "concerns". We have now proved them wrong in everything but still have no Madison."


Anonymous said...

I'm curious - as I'm sure are other readers in similar circumstances..what does it take to get on king 5 or have a senator hand hold your case ?

Stacy Trussell said...

Have the GGP`s had to have any type of medical clearance? To the person who asked what it takes to get on King 5. We`ve wanted that too. The unfortunate thing is if King 5 reported on all these cases, they wouldn`t have time to report on anything else. Find out what district you`re in and get a hold of your Senator.


she needs to come the family who loves her and raised her. lilly's mom

Anonymous said...

I am in NYC but here is my answer; call the Senator. Have your facts together and present your case.

Granted, I am viewing this site from afar but Senator Roach is a good egg in she is fighting the good fight.

What does it take? Get your ducks in a row and contact her.

Anonymous said...

Is there a double standard in WA? We had three children under the age of three placed for adoption with a couple in their mid to late 60's both with appearent medical conditions. Mental and physical. No relation to the children.