Monday, August 17, 2009

The United States Stands Aside As Honduras Is Infiltrated By Chavez.

For weeks now Chavez has been streaming Venezuelans into Honduras to foment unrest. Of late he has been paying Hondurans to demonstrate. For Obama this is very easy..the abandonment of democracy in Honduras...when the national debate is health care. You will only read it here!

From a Honduran friend in Honduras:
"The worst thing that is happening right now in Honduras is that poor people, students, teachers and the rest of people that are receiving millions of dollars to make a civil war, is incredible how many dollars are being spread from Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and lots of Nicaraguans, Cubans, and Venezuelan´s are in making all the violent things going on. Cavez offered 20 million dollars to Micheletti, so he can let Mel be president again, But Thank GOD he said NO."

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segebre said...

President Ortega, Nicaragua, a few weeks ago publicly announced his intentions to reform the Constitution in order to enable him to continue in power. President Lugo, Paraguay, today followed Ortega. Now you can understand the leftist uproar over Zelaya's removal from office in Honduras, after he pretended to continue in power.