Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WSMA (Med. Assn.) On The Record Over Socialized Medicine

I attended an open house today for the Ambulatory Surgical Center in Pulallup, WA. The lobbyist for the WA State Medical Association was there, DOH folks, and docs.

The situation begged the question :o) And, ladies and gentlemen...who better to ask it?

Pam to the Surgical Center: Will the Obama medical plan help or hurt your business? There was a little dancing and no music. But...

SC: There will be more price shopping for services. (I guess that means that you will paying yourself.)

Pam to WSMA? Do you support the president's plan?

WSMA: Well if...and if.... then we can support it. Then he volunteered that the medical associations in the southern states had broken away from the National Medical Association over this issue. Does that mean WSMA is somewhere in the middle? There are no "maybes" in taking a vote. It is "yes" or "no," "yea" or "nay."

As they say in the south: If you ain't agin it, yer fer it!" ...Amen to that!

In the meantime according to the evening news, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pilosi says you are unamerican if you protest health care reform (their form).

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Anonymous said...

I guess they have changed the definition of what it means to be an American. Is there a current definition? It used to mean that being an American meant upholding the Constitution and electoral process but most of Congress doesn't do that. What does that make THEM?