Sunday, August 9, 2009

ONLY Here...Honduran Update From American In Honduras...Tone Darkens

With most of the press taking the baton from the international media here is a well written account from an American in Tegucigalpa:

Dear All,

Another great TV Discussion about Honduras today appeared on the Pajamas Network. They had a small crew on the ground here in Honduras, doing the best, unbiased reporting we've had. See their latest video: (please cut and paste...ed).

I'm very sad to report that the PJTV crew suffered serious harrassment at the hand of Zelaya supporters when covering a demonstration last Saturday. They've now left Honduras, in fear of their personal safety. Freedom of the press suffers another golpe.

Meanwhile the Chavist supported world media continue to support Zelaya's full restitution. So does most everyone else it seems. Except for about 90% of Hondurans, who lived under Zelaya. They oppose Zelaya. I'm thinking it's a money thing. Chavez has a lot of money for special projects. Paid demonstrations. Special bonuses to supporters. Coupled with sanctions, contract, and job losses to doubters. I guess its the old "carrot and stick" approach to governance?

Little other news. Demonstrators block roads at times. Inconvenient, but usually there's a way around. The world leaders continue their effort to restore Zelaya. But they won't come here to talk with the people. Certainly, no-one in Government. After all, current Government people are "NOT LEGITIMATE".

Some groups send "reporters" here to find the truth. They go home, and report their pre-conceived notions, probably in line with what their funding source would like. Tends to be nauseating, pure BS. Some of those "reporters" probably didn't even leave their 5* hotel room!.

A dear friend phoned me today, and warned me to keep a low profile, and not speak out on this issue. I have a lot of respect for this person, who has lived here 40+ years. We've been friends, almost since arrival here, 14-1/2 years ago.

But Honduras is my home. I think my feelings have value. To let the opposition control all the agenda is to surrender your soul, and cave in to a system you know will be bad in the long run. So I'll stay as I am. And take the chance.

Who knows, the white hats may win!


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