Monday, August 10, 2009

What Do We Do With Stolen Children?

"She needs to come the family who loves her and raised her." Lilly's Mom

The great grandparents have fallen in love with Lilly. That is understandable. Lilly was well taken care of by her maternal grandparents before CPS wrote a report that is now being redone. If the 3 year-old had not been so well taken care of she would not be as sweet, loving and well behaved. She thrived with her grandparents. They are heartbroken!

The girl was on her way to a adoption, as you recall, before the GG Parents stepped forward to save her. Then, they decided they liked her. They decided that there was an opportunity to have the child themselves rather than help her back to the good people who raised her.

1. The mother had been told by CPS that if she gave up the child she would go to the grandparents who had raised her. That was a coercive, manipulative, and false statement designed to trick the young mother and ultimately take the child for adoption.

2. The department maligned the grandparents in court. They had no standing and therefore could not defend themselves. The department maligned the grandparents to the GGPs who initially had a good impression of the grandparents. How would they have come to another opinion? CPS...what did you tell these people?

3. I called the GGPs to alert them of what was happening and they stepped in as relatives wanting placement. The child then went to the wealthy great-grandparents who were told by CPS that if they wanted her they could have her. I give them credit for stepping forward. If they had not the child would be gone.

4. "Two wrongs do not make a right." Everyone loves the child. The department lied to get her and used the court to steal her. What do we do with stolen children? We return them.

Note: If anyone feels I have misrepresented any of this scenario please contact me through my office. Unlike some in CPS...I am willing to correct mistakes. I am only reporting what is happening so the public will understand what their government is doing. In any other circumstance I believe the GGPs would feel as most people do. They certainly did when they were first notified.


Anonymous said...

maybe its time to move on and spread your efforts to other children's cases..there are more kids out there with far far more horrible stories than lilly...

Anonymous said...

Using the "best interests of the child" doctrine;
1. The mother has and has always had the best interests of the child at heart
2. The grandparents have and have always had the best interest of the child at heart
3. The great grandparents HAD the best interests of the child at heart.

Best interests of the child would be to return her to her home with the grandparents.

My opinion.
Maggie NYC