Monday, August 3, 2009

Healthcare, Cash For Clunkers, Keeps Focus Off Caribbean

U.S. News media has focused on domestic issues: health care, cash for clunkers, joblessness, trillions in deficit, looming tax increases and even birth certificates, Sarah Palin, and custody of Jackson's children. But, while of legitimate interest there are important hemispherical concerns that should not be over-looked.

Democracy in Honduras is a very big issue for us. It is not in our interest to lose another country to socialism in our hemisphere. America's left can't give the land away fast enough.

Another hunk of acreage is in Cuba. Finding a replacement location for the prison at Gitmo is not so much about moving prisoners as it is ceding land to Cuba. Wait and see. That is where Obama is going on this one.

Obama has set a deadline of January 22, 2010 to close the prison camp. When that is accomplished giving the site to Castro will be touted as a reasonable next step, ostensibly to save money. But, in reality a gift to the Castro-Ortega-Chavez cabal that he is now pleasing with diplomatic aggression in Honduras.

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