Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DSHS Ombudsman In Spokane...What Will She Hear?

Ombudsman for DSHS, Director Mary Meing, will be in Spokane Wednesday, August 12, at 10 AM. This is an open meeting to be held at the Red Lion Inn at the Park. Friends will meet in the lobby beforehand.

Kevin Graham of the Spokesman Review will attend. WA Families United and the National Coalition for Children's Rights may be carrying the ball on this. It is a good time to network and ask to have your situation reviewed.


Anonymous said...

Meinig's and her rogue agency are DSHS without all the public accountability laws. A "foil" for government misconduct. A tiny department with a big name that at in the best case scenario they can write report about the problem to the legislature. The ombudsman exists to make us feel like the government is doing something but not be a threat to DSHS authority.

In reality they provide a perfect haven for DSHS risk management to store documents they dont want to disclose but cant destroy. Employees of the ombudsman answer to absolutely no one, including the governor. The legislative body that supposedly supervisors Meinig is uninvolved and has shown no interest in the quality of her stewardship over the decades she has served as queen rat.

The ombudsman records are untouchable by public disclosure and their employees armored in qualified privilege all to "protect their neutrality". They are above any form of public accountability.

Anonymous said...

Mary was here and at least one family was threatened by their caseworker if they spoke to her.
The Spokesman Review didn't even do a story on the visit. Pretty uneventful.