Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WA State DSHS Supervisor Fired...No...I Am NOT Kidding!

15th District candidate Marichalar was fired from DSHS job

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Donicio Marichalar, a Democratic candidate in the 15th Legislative District, was fired last year as a state social worker for failing to properly investigate allegations of child abuse, lack of productivity and for missing too much work, according to state officials.

Marichalar, 41, of Grandview, worked in Yakima in the regional office of the Department of Social and Health Services, where he supervised employees who investigate complaints of abuse and neglect of children in state care, such as foster homes and day-care centers.

His job classification was "social worker 4," the highest level in social work, in the Division of License Resources/Child Protective Services within the Children's Administration of DSHS.

"Your lack of production and performance failures diminish the overall effectiveness of meeting the mission of the Children's Administration," administrator Pleas Green wrote in the August 2008 letter dismissing Marich-alar.

Great...get fired from DSHS and then run for the legislature. ( need to comment on that!)


Kris Coppedge, LMHC, LICSW said...

My name is Kris Coppedge and I am a licensed mental health therapist and a licensed independent clinical social worker. I am also the foster grandmother of a 3 year old who is now in foster care. She lived with me for about 6 months. Her parents lived in my home with her for part of that time. I was unable to take custody of her and sought assistance from Children's Services in Lynnwood. I was greeted with rudeness, sarcasm, and refusal to dialogue. In spite of multiple attempts to invite conversation regarding my granddaughter's 6 months in my home, including medical treatment, daycare experiences, sleep problems, and my observations of her parents and their parenting skills, they refuse to listen. I am appalled at the poor social work practice. As a mental health therapist I periodically need to make a report to CPS as I am a mandated reporter. My delemma is that I fear children and families will be damaged by the Department. The Department seems to thrive on power. Due to the Department's actions, my 3 year old granddaughter experienced broken bonds further contributing to an attachment disorder that may permanently impair her ability to function in the world.

Cat said...

Ms Coppedge: I wish I could talk to you, I just posted my story and am in so much agony for my own little one's situation. Please at least know I grieve with you because I know your pain, I will carry this for the rest of my life. I am so sorry, Hon.

Cat In Seattle

Anonymous said...

Cat, please email me at I would like to talk with you.

Stacy Trussell said...

Cat, I don`t care about having my info on here and keeping private because I haven`t done anything wrong. My name is Stacy Trussell and my number is (425)334-4902. Please call me. The dept. we go through has broken the laws and I will not stop fighting until the people responsible are fired. Anybody is welcome to call me. My neice has been emotionally damaged by the people that were supposed to be protecting her. There has been slander in our case and I will not stop fighting until she`s back home. Just don`t give up!! These people need to be exposed.