Monday, August 31, 2009

Public Disclosure Would Help CASA Programs

CASA...Court Appointed Special Advocate...they are to represent the interest's of the child in dependency cases.
Yes, CASA programs across the country would be better if they were subject to open government standards. They are not. So, they are part of the problem.

I will update this entry very soon. But, in brief, there was a Sunshine (open government) Committee meeting today and my proposal to open up the program to public scrutinty was again discussed (for well over an hour). The testimony was dramatic on both sides. This was recorded on TVW and should be available for all of you to see.

Thank you to all of those who participated! You were brave. You were willing to expose emotions, family privacy, financial challenges, etc., in an effort to change what one man called..."a protected empire." I am so proud of citizens who decide to stand up and fight the wrongs in government.

Interesting: Milt Doummit, member of Attorney General Rob McKenna's kitchen cabinet, was at the meeting. He was there the full time. He heard it all. I approached him afterward and personally asked for the AG's help in opening up this system for the benefit of our citizens. Let's see.


Anonymous said...

how are folks suppose to use the tools of accountability if they are not considered by the law party to the cases involved..this seems great for a caseworker or custody lawyer who doesnt like the CASA but for folks who are outside DSHS circled wagons I dont see much benefit.

Anonymous said...

The folks outside do not benefit the Caseworkers do as they please. Please tell me the alleged illegal adpotions are being investigated. Who investigates these cases?