Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TVW Airs Sunshine Committee Hearing


10:00 AM - Congressman Brian Baird Town Hall on Health Care

1:00 PM - Office of the Attorney General - "Sunshine Committee"

This is a very long committee meeting. We only meet quarterly so the meetings are four hours long. The issue of opening up legislative offices to disclosure is first. Then there is a one and one-half hour presentation about CASA disclosure. The above time is for LIVE-Tape viewing.

The hearing will also be on the TVW website in which case scroll just beyond the first third of the presentation and you should be able to find the CASA discussion.

Thanks to a good friend for sending this information to us in a more than timely manner!


Anonymous said...

Heh I've only listened to the first 20 minutes or so of part B..but it sounds like you've made a few enemies there Pam..That CASA lady doesnt like you at all..nor does the committee chair heh. Better to be feared than loved eh ?

Anonymous said...

I have listened to the first 30 minutes and I am so disgusted with Linda Katz saying that she has very few complaints. Let me tell you I know of many complaints. I called the main office over 2 years ago and all I got from the CASA office in Seattle was backlash from the CASA office in Stevens county. I recommend to anyone who gets in the horrible situation with a dependency to call the CASA office and make a complaint. It is a horrible system. Katz states that if a CASA has a past history with a family they should not be on the case. Well in Stevens county that does not happen. It is a brutal system to go thru and you expect that the CASA will represent the child but what really happens is they represent the CPS workers. I firmly believe that they are a secretive lying bunch of people just like cps. I have been to court many times and watched CASA. One CASA here actually reads a book while peoples lives are being torn apart. CASA started in WA. and it needs to end in WA. Since when does a CASA with very little education and 30 hours of training get to make decisions about peoples very heart and soul?

Anonymous said...

King County is just as bad. And Linda Katz does not follow the law. My understanding is she had problems in another state that she worked for also. Hopefully its just a matter of time before she is gone from here.