Monday, September 7, 2009

Ok, OK...Yes, I Have Been Asked To Be In The Movie

I love a good story of coincidence.

Here's one...when my husband and I were dating in college, we spent an hour going to the classroom doors where our grades were posted. We had no classes together so it was a nice walk around the BYU campus. We each had a six digit student ID number. The grades were posted under ID numbers. It was only after a few postings that I realized we had the same numbers in our ID's...just in a different order!

Here's another one.

This guy calls and says he is doing a movie on CPS. We chat on the phone and I find out that he is self producing the movie. He had done well in business. But, he had not done so well with CPS in TX.

He had been raised in southern CA. "So was I," I said. He told me the city and I said, "Really? That's near where I was raised."

Another quick question: "How old are you?" "So am I," I said.

"I was born in Mercy Hospital," I said. "So was I!" he said.

Then I ventured: "When is your birthday?" "April 25th," he answered.

"You have got to be kidding! I was born April 26th...20 minutes after midnight. Twenty-one minutes earlier and we would have been born the same day in the same hospital!"

So...we settled for the fact that we had bassinets in the same nursery at the same time. Unless you are a twin...that is a coincidence!

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Anonymous said...

Some things just seem to be perfectly orchestrated like a power greater than ourselves oversees certain processes because of a work he wants done. It seems you were meant to be doing what you are doing this very moment with the people you are surrounded by. Isn't that great to know you are involved in a superior plan orchestrated by the most powerful manager in the world?