Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday In Honduras

Today, I received a phone call from a friend in San Pedro Sula. She told me about the curfew and we talked about the feeling the Hondurans now have about America which they have loved. The following is an email from another friend in Tegucigalpa:

For most of us in Honduras, this has been an upsetting day. Actually, their was no news until about noon. then a clanger.

Everyone thought Zelaya was going for the big UN show in New York tomorrow. Instead, an informed source tells me, that he came in, disguised as a Brazilian diplomat, and stepped off a Brazilian plane, and was taken in a Brazilian Embassy car to the Brazilian Embassy here in Tegucigalpa. This afternoon, he has called on his supporters to come and protect him. He's been on the Brazilian Embassy roof with a bullhorn. Just the kind of show that Zelaya likes.

Like before, he's doing all he can to provoke a serious incident. With the thought that the UN will send in Peacekeepers to restore him to power.

Why would the U.N. do that? Zelaya has already said he has no respect for the Arias dictate, the "San Jose Accord". Arias mandate Zelaya back the Presidency. with Amnesty. But it did say he could neither be re-elected, or orchestrate illegal changes to the Constitution. Too restrictive for Zelaya. He likes to do it his way. His shadow government is already planning the Constitutional changes, to be made as soon as possible after "Mel" comes back. Chavez and Ortega have already telephoned their congratulations to "Mel" this afternoon.

I'm sure Zelaya wants to get his fingers on the Central Bank funds again. God knows, he has an extravagant life style.

What will happen? Who knows! Insulza, Former Communist, now head of the Organization of American States is supposed to be coming tomorrow, He has been very uncivil to us. I don't expect much good out of it.

Government has been working pretty well since June 28, when Zelaya went to Costa Rica. Now, it may be up in the air again.

But Micheletti seems a bulldog. He has a strong Cabinet, and the support of a great majority of the people with him.

Traffic was very congested this afternoon. A Curfew on the entire Country took effect at 4:00pm today until 6:00am tomorrow. Pretty understandable, given local calls for insurrection from a man who to some seems a messiah.

We're fine. Maybe we'll come through OK. Maybe they'll even succeed in bringing Zelaya to justice.

Never a dull moment!

Pray for Honduras!


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