Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Comment Section Clarity Required

There are over 200 comments that I have not printed. Some use too many names, or are too angry, etc. But, here is one that is a recent example of: "I'd like to answer but...." It is not specific enough for me to answer. Ya gotta give a few more hints.

"Dear Senator,

Can you please reference where you got this write up so I can reference it. Thanks.

I admire and appreciate your work on exposing this troubling issue."

This one was in relation to Honduras. I get all my stuff right out of the country just as though I was interviewing someone there. Expats and citizens there are very well informed. And, they follow the U. S. press. Then, of course, I editorialize based on information I get. So...I get to report and I get to be the ed. God bless America!

(Just heard from this reader who says they were able to find the source. Thanks so much for the kind note. PR)

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Anonymous said...

"Some use too many names"

Does anyone among us have the skill to create a website that lists "bad" social workers ? I'd toss some money that way.