Monday, September 28, 2009

What Did Glenn Beck Say?

Sure you should care what Glenn Beck says. If you like him...follow the message. If you don't...know your enemy. By the way, if you are a looks really stupid to vilify Beck without doing anything but name calling. Don't be afraid to articulate your socialism.

Concerning Afghanistan: "Win this war or bring them home!"

About America: America was not made by people who "hope for change." It was made by people who MAKE changes.

About the Rep. and Dem. parties: "We have to reconnect...not with the parties but with our neighbors."

About our future: "We will march ourselves into slavery if we don't peacefully stand up and demand freedom."

What we need to do: "We have to go back to what we believe is right."

Regarding whom he trusts: "I trust my god over my government. I trust my military over my politicians"

What the three chains around his neck say::

1. Question with boldness. Find the answers.

2. Hold to the truth.

3. Speak without fear.


Anonymous said...

You must realize senator mr beck job is entertainment. Like our local dori monsen - I dont see him actually doing anything but making money and spiking peoples emotional crests.

And since he shares airtime with conspiracy nutjobs..well the only people who are going to apprecaiate his message are people who already agree with it. in washington "the cause" would be better served going across the media isle.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Beck said except I don't trust some politicians with the military even though I trust the military more than some politicians.