Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Story...Another Little Girl

"We had other relatives contact the department in May after finding out our niece was being moved from our neighbor`s home. She had been placed there for 2 1/2 months across the street from us and we couldn`t see her. My neighbor told me she would look out the window toward our house and say she wanted to go to her home. We knew she was being moved to a foster-adopt home so other relatives wanted her with them until things got worked out with us. They contacted the department in May and she was moved June 8th to the foster home. The relatives were ignored. They have a very nice house in Black Diamond with room for her. My brother-in-law has a heating and cooling business and his wife is a labor and delivery nurse. They don`t have anything bad in their background but haven`t been considered. She needs to come back to us but we figured getting her out of the foster-adopt home would be at least a start."
unidentified reader


Anonymous said...

I haven't had a chance to really look into it yet, but I still stand on the belief that the department statistics on relative placement is bogus. All indicators point to less than 5%. You take the number of children removed over the last three years then look at the number of relative placements and you get the idea. They place with relatives often enough to be able to have the APPEARANCE of trying to comply with the law, but they are getting busted finally. Once things have settled down some, I am going to thoroughly investigate their numbers racket.
Of interest, Senator, there are two different versions of removed children. What is reported by the Ombudsman and what is reported by CPS. The ombudsman will verbally state certain numbers at legislative hearings that you don't see on paper. Not sure what is going on there.
You obviously are having some good feelings about Dreyfus. I hope she is for real on this. Those of us fighting for our children and lineage really need reprieve.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of hearing about these stories....what can we do to put an end to this?