Friday, September 18, 2009

DSHS Dreyfus Takes Swift Action Reports KXLY Spokane

Susan Dreyfus assumed the post of DSHS Secretary just a few months ago and we are all watching her actions. Of note is the following from KXLY:

DSHS Secretary orders immediate investigation
Posted: Sep 17, 2009

SPOKANE -- Department of Social and Health Services Secretary Susan Dreyfus has ordered an immediate "review and analysis" of the circumstances surrounding the patient field trip to the Spokane Interstate Fair that ended with the escape of Phillip Paul Thursday.

Dreyfus, who coincidentally was in Spokane Thursday on an unrelated matter, has ordered Eastern State Hospital to conduct an "immediate critical incident review over the next 30 days to analyze what went wrong" with the outing which ended with Phillip Paul, a criminally insane killer, being able to escape from hospital attendants that were accompanying the group.

Dreyfus has also ordered an immediate lockdown on field trips involving forensic patients at Eastern State Hospital.
(What about outings for the criminally insane from Western State to the Puyallup Fair? Any of these warm and fuzzy outings going on in other places? The public has a right to know.)

Forensic patients are people who enter the mental health system through the criminal justice system like Phillip Paul.

(When you learn that a mentally ill murderer with a history of escaping is on a stroll through a county fair...there isn't a soul other than those who made the decision who isn't wondering: What the hell were theses people thinking? Who makes theses whole-ass decisions? The issue isn't "what went wrong" with the outing...the issue is who made the decision that the criminally insane get to walk among us? Little kids, the elderly, the disabled, teen girls and boys, lots of people...places to hide...quick actions....I hope Dreyfus investigates the whole policy. And, I think she will.


strawberryblonde said...

This is why I believe in possessing a concealed weapons permit and the ability to protect myself from whacko's.

God grant me the serenity to protect myself from people I cannot accept, the power to Taser the ones I can and the wisdom to call 911 when I don't know the difference.

Anonymous said...

I think a visit to Western State hospital should be required for all graduating highschool seniors.

The prison system is eye opening..the mental health portion even more so.

Anonymous said...

It seems as if Sec. Dreyfus is having to address many issues in a system that covers a wide range of different areas. The issue of the children taken under false pretenses should be first and foremost though. They should be returned to the family members and the CPS employees should be fired. The talk is great but where are the results? She said she would fire any CPS employee that lies. I think that when a law is broken to take a child, the employees responsible have told the most ultimate of lies and should be gone from their job immediately. How can anything they say after that be believed?

Anonymous said...

Once again, the wonderful Everett dept. has torn a family apart. They lost a baby to SIDS and about 6 weeks later the other children were taken because they felt the mother was grieving TOO MUCH. Are you kidding me? We have something in common. The evil, lying supervisor.

Anonymous said...

What about the JRA? How is she going to handle all the foster kids that age out and are kicked out when they finish their sentences? As of now few services including housing are available for these kids. Next stop Shelton for most of them! Most of these foster kids have lost their families with DSHS's and the courts "Best Interest of the Child" Motto
Is she equiped to handle all of our huge DSHS?
Does anyone know about the outcomes for the many foster kids in JRA that age out while they are there? Would they have ever been there if DSHS never got involved in their lives?

Elaine Wolcott-Ehrhardt

Anonymous said...

Just another day on the land of CPS......thank goodness Susan is here to clean up the mess. She either won't last long due the the crap this state pulls, or they will bounce her out on her ear, I can't wait to see which one it is.

Anonymous said...

A lot of families are depending on Sec. Dreyfus but especially the children. I don`t think she`ll let any of us down. I do believe when she says she will fire people. I think that would be a HUGE step in getting the employees to follow laws and their own policies. A few fired would set a good example. I think there are those of us that could easily prove lies the dept. have told and those people should really be out the door soon. Even though we are experiencing a nightmare right now, we`ve met 6 other caseworkers over the past 4 years that are awesome and truly have the best interests of the kids at heart. The more I am learning the more I realize it wasn`t the caseworker. It was one of the supervisors in the Everett office. She`s also a placement supervisor for Snohomish County. In the past couple of days, I`ve talked to other people who have told me a lot about that woman. I`ve learned of a prior caseworker who quit because he wouldn`t lie like she wanted him to. Susan Dreyfus will probably be hearing that name a lot and I hope that supervisor is one of the first to go. Her initials are B.N.

Anonymous said...

I am a grandmother who raised both her grandchildren and watched Las Vegas CPS take them from me and give them to a grandmother in Spokane who lives in a basement, disabled, never raised her on child and is unemployed without health insurance. I am in this city because I get a two hour visit at Fulcrum Institute and pay 30 dollars an hour for the honor. CPS in Las Vegas lied to get them here. They've been kidjacked.....