Saturday, September 5, 2009

Insider Confirms Back Room Deals Regarding Kids

A reader writes:
"Happens all the time. I was doing drug and alcohol assessments for guardian ad litems. One of them wanted me to embellish on two parent's use and I refused, so she never sent business our way again.
That is how it is done. Back rooms, bargaining, embellishments, etc. etc.
I am supposed to do a mental health evaluation. I was referred to a certain psychologist. As it turns out, this psychologist gives money to the judge I am going before for her campaign. I could see a real conflict of interest here.
They have created a system where it is almost impossible to get a fair hearing. One must get their side of the story in the file then appeal to a higher court. The higher courts go more by the book and while they still have politics going on, have no problem overturning cases if they see fit. Just look at the lower court as a vile step one must go through in order to achieve justice in a higher court. Kind of like wading through cow manure to go milk the cow."

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Anonymous said...

I am going pro se in an upcoming hearing so am studying the laws and preparing for this hearing. The reality of what I am reading is hitting me hard as I see the unfolding of this process is built on a foundation of anti-constitution philosophy. Consider the concept of hearsay and self incrimination. Hearsay is not generally allowed in court yet is if a psychologist brings it in. In all actuality, the use of the psychologist is for the express purpose of getting around the Constitution and making someone incriminate themselves through assessment while using hearsay as fact to back up diagnosis.
They will argue that it is civil, yet the very accusation is that you are potentially able to commit the crime of child abuse and it is against that accusation that one is coerced into self incrimination. To be accused of the potential of the crime of child abuse then forced assessment in order to avoid the punishment of permanent separation from offspring and lineage, is in every respect torture and is not civil.
Torture is one of the reasons for the 4th and 14th amendments of self incrimination to begin with. For those of us who are working with family in this state and abroad, we learn about the reality of stress induced mental illness as the bi-product of systemic abuse regarding family policy and court action.
To be forced to participate in court action that violates every due process rule in the book as written by our founding fathers is an offense to freedom and democracy that most of us still cherish.
True enough, the religion of socialism has taken hold of the deceived and causing a paradigm shift filled with false hopes and misguided idiology, that threatens to take us to self destruct in personal freedoms.
No where is this more evident than in family court where facts are replaced with abstract reasoning, theory, and lawlessness. Even the evidentiary standard is a joke of "more likely than not" when one is pitted against a system of subjective analysis and pathology.
This system must be stopped, it HAS to be stopped, if freedom will be restored.