Saturday, September 12, 2009

If "Families Are Best" Then The State Should Not Systematically Undermine And Lie About Them

"Families are best, even marginal families." Connie Lambert-Eckel, Region 1 (NE Wash. State) Administrator, Sept. 11, 2009 in a phone conversation with me.

"When our niece was taken because of lies pertaining to my husband`s background check, we did get the information counteracting what the dept. said but it didn`t matter to the Judge. My husband didn`t have a felony as they said but he did have a resisting arrest charge from 1982, when he was 19 years old. They still used that and it was allowed by the Judge. The Judge was the one able to make the ultimate decision and she didn`t care about following the laws either." PPR Commenter

My observations:

#1. The judge will always side with the state. (The Stuths were the exception as the state removed their 3 year-old granddaughter from the foster woman on an emergency basis during the trial...Of course..the state still argued for placement with the troubled foster woman. Unbelievable, but true!)

#2 The state does not hold the foster-adopts to the same standard as the bio-family.

#3 The state WILL go back a lifetime and look for anything, but just on the bio family and just if they want the child for someone else. When they find something they embellish and add to the story. That means they lie.

They don't really need to find anything to lie. I could give many examples. They lied about the Stuths. They lied to get a child from the Willards by saying they stole a computer. (No. The judge did not require a judgment from a court. He just believed everything the state said about grandparents who had no standing and could not defend themselves. If CPS said they stole a computer then, by gosh, they did!) CPS lied in the case of a city councilmember in the same district that Lambert-Eckel's administers. In the case of the councilmember grandma...CPS just sat there and let the CASA call her a drug dealer in front of the judge. Of course she is not, nor ever was, a drug dealer! The state knew that and just let it be said. I think the state has a responsibility to the people of our great state and to the family...and the demand the truth! Being an accomplice to a lie gets you the same judgement in the minds of citizens who demand government to be honest.

#4 CPS should tell the judge when they have no evidence that accusations against family members are true and should not make false accusations themselves.

I have been told by DSHS head Susan Dreyfus and by Lambert-Eckel that CPS employees who lie will be terminated. I believe Dreyfus when she says she will do that. The message has at least gotten to Lambert-Eckels. But is that happening? I would like to see the department memo that would have to have been sent to try to right this system. We need open government and the public should know what department policy really is on this very important issue.
If a CASA lies and the state knows let it go unchallenged is being part of the lie. (This may seem a minor point to some. After all, there are too many direct lies to think this is the higher issue. But, I like to think it is the higher standard. Certainly it is one administrators should be be addressing. In court...the judge should be hearing the truth.

The quote from Lambert-Eckels came during the discussion of yet another 3 year-old girl. CPS must have a market for them. Ask to see the gender break down of children in dependency and you will not get an answer.


Anonymous said...

I have another example of a very petty lie told to the Judge. The caseworker came out to give me paperwork on March 16th saying that our neice was being removed on the 20th. A deputy accompanied her as I`m sure is procedure. In court on March 20th, the caseworker carried on that I wouldn`t let her see bottled water. The attorney got a letter from the deputy stating the caseworker was not being honest about that and the next court date, the water was brought up again. The attorney told the Judge she had a letter from the deputy stating otherwise. The Judge ignored it. If there was a legitimate reason for the removal of our neice, why lie about something as stupid as bottled water? If the Judge was an "honorable" Judge she should have questioned everything the dept. said about us after finding out they lied about the water. The Judge didn`t even ask to see the letter from the deputy. She just looked over toward the State`s side as if to ask them what else they had against us. The dept. NEVER had to have proof of any accusations but the attorney had proof they lied and it was completely ignored.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear that Sec. Dreyfus will fire people. Something as simple as that could put a stop to this stuff. With the small children being ripped from loving homes and the pain being caused, that would be the ultimate and most appropriate consequence for their actions.
I will believe she is serious about changing the system when I see my neice walking through our door,Poca going back to the Langleys and Lilly going back to her grandparents. Somebody needs to right the wrong done to these little girls. Lilly being with other relatives does NOT make what`s happened alright. It seems odd to me that Lilly was taken in January, our neice in March, and Poca in May, two months apart from each other.
The happiness and future of these little girls seem to be in the hands of one person at this point. I think I can speak for the other 2 families too when I say all we want is for the girls to come back to the families that love them more than probably anyone else ever could, put the past behind us and be able to focus on giving the girls the best life they could possibly have with the people who love them the most.
Hopefully Sec. Dreyfus will be able to get things changed. She can`t change a system that`s such a mess overnight but at least she seems willing to do more than anyone else before her has. Thank you Sec. Dreyfus!!

Anonymous said...

You know, I`ve heard the phrase many times, "legally kidnapped". When laws are being broken it is not legal and is no different than a stranger grabbing a child from their front yard. They are being KIDNAPPED to basically sell for a minimum of $4000.00. Doesn`t that make you proud to be an American???

Anonymous said...

Any progress at all with Lilly`s case?