Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inside Honduras

From Bill in Tegucigalpa:(reminder...Zalaya has reentered HN and was helped to the Brazilian embassy by the U.S.)

"Power was cut to the Brazilian Embassy, but they have a generator. They've asked for assistance, and the Americans and U.N. already sent buses and chauffeured 168 demonstrators trapped within the Embassy to their homes. They took food too, but I understand the Police did not allow the gasoline in. That was presumably for the generator. Word has it that few remain inside, including Mel Zelaya, of course. Few, if any Brazilians remain. It's reported that Zelaya and the crew with him have just about taken over the whole house. It must be pretty uncomfortable. The noise kept the neighbors awake all night too. It's a nice neighborhood.

Things are quiet here. They say tomorrow will be business as usual.

I hope this is resolved soon. It's hurting the Honduran economy. But we can't go back to a thieving, renegade dictatorship."

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