Friday, September 18, 2009

Can A Parent Grieve Too Much Over The Loss Of A Child?

I am very interested in this case. To the person sending this in...please have this family contact me.

From a PRR reader:

"Once again, the wonderful Everett dept. has torn a family apart. They lost a baby to SIDS and about 6 weeks later the other children were taken because they felt the mother was grieving TOO MUCH. Are you kidding me? We have something in common. The evil, lying supervisor."

Grieving is different for different people. By the way...has anyone ever heard of someone doing harm to the remaining children when a child dies? in 6 million? If all the kids die then you might hear of a parental suicide. But in your grief you know you have to be around for the others whom you also love and would never harm. My guess is CPS was looking for a reason, any take the remaining children. I bet we are talking little girls, too. Blond ones? No money in the family? Non drug affected kids?

I think it is important to chase a few of these cases. The new DCFS administration knows that too many kids are being taken. They know that they are not working to place with relatives when kids are removed. These are stated opinions of the new leadership. It is documented that the new leadership will not tolerate lying.

Let's all pray for this poor young mother who lost an infant to SIDS and now has had her remaining children taken. I discussed this with someone I know who counsels grieving children and adults. I hope someone cares enough to watch this young mother. Now she has lost all of her children. Pray for her.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, what has happened to our country? To our sense of community and family? In a real world neighbors would step up to the plate and help this mother but in this twisted version of reality, the government is creating grief untold. What idiot called it in? That is what I would like to know.

Anonymous said...

Hey Washington DSHS, nice job helping this family! Where was the support, the love, the understanding? Where was you "Family Preservation", your lets get mom some services to help her through this grieving process. What can we do to help this women, who has suffered the greatest loss, the death of a child! You bastards just don't get it , you have no soul, no heart, no compassion. I pray for the day that what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

I know of three children under the age of four placed with a Washington couple in their mid to late 60's for adoption by the State of Montana. No Bio relation. This couple has apparent emotional and physical health problems. One is on medication for depression, the other for a severe back injury. There has been an attempt to change one of the children’s name by this couple. This couple lost a nephew in a drowning many years ago with the same name as one of the children. The State of WA removes children from a families whom just lost a precious child, on the other hand give children to a family that has been grieving for years and has emotional problems.

dana said...

This saddens me deeply. I have been a licensed childcare provider for 14 years and I have quality parents and children in my care now. I have a family who had their baby in another daycare with suspected abuse. I have had the baby for 4 months now and the changes this baby has made are remarkable! I see nothing but love and concern from both parents and the state has now decided the mother is not mentally capable of taking care of her child and has made the mother move out! Now another disruption to this poor babies life. The mother is allowed two hours everyday with the baby. I asked her if she could start it with the pickup after work with the dad. Made a huge difference that she got to see momma come through the door again to pick her up. I am sitting back watching a perfectly normal, loving family be destroyed by OUR STATE! It breaks my heart to see this happen. Like I said I have taken care of little ones for 14 years and I have seen abused children come in and out of my care. I have complete faith in the innocence of this family. I see them on a daily basis the state cps worker (who has got to be the rudest lady I have ever met) has never even seen this baby or her actions or reactions to her parents. How do THEY know what is best for this child..

Advocate said...

When a child dies parents can mourn, go to a funeral, pay their respects and continue to mourn after the death of their child. When a child is lost through CPS/CAS Child Protection its a greater loss for the parent and there is no closure. I totally understand the woman and her grief of the death of her child and now the removal of her children. both my son and granddaughter were taken by the Child Protection system on March 24, 2005 and I still mourn their removal and they were 7 years old and 11 years old when they both left home. I will continue to mourn and fight for the day that they come home someday.

Justina said...

You can thank good ole Dr. Richard Gardner and his Parent Alienation Syndrome (PAS) theory for mothers who lose their children when expressing real anxiety for the safety and well being of their children.

Here is a paragraph from my blog about PAS"

"Dr. Gardner's, Parent Alienation Syndrome theory has been outright opposed by mental health and child abuse professionals, along with anti-PAS lawyers and anti-PAS judges. PAS never has had proper scientific research to base it's theory on and be named a "syndrome". Both the American Pyschiatric Association and American Medical Association has never accepted PAS as a "syndrome". Basically, it's a theory developed by a mentally twisted man, that is biased against protective mothers and is used against them as a weapon by evil and money greedy lawyers to demolish the mother's credibility in court, during the custody hearing.'

What's incredibly alarming is that every area of our social and legal system, that's sworn to protect the best interest of children, are using PAS against mothers who dare to express normal and healthy anxieties over any situation that arises when it comes to the safety and well being of her children.

All for what? Power and financial gain! Our social welfare department and legal system knows PAS is junk science. But, they ignore that fact of the matter, because their eyes and hearts are corrupt and are focused on the green stuff that fills their greedy bank accounts.

Makes me angry!

Anonymous said...

Understand that this is heavily practiced in other countries (PAS) where the belief is that mothers get too close to their sons and the sons should be removed and placed in protective custody. Countries who practice this have the highest removal rates in the world.

Anonymous said...

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! This poor, poor, woman. I knew a woman who lost a child to SIDS in the 70's. She wallpapered her home several times, changed her furniture around, was just not herself, but with the help of friends who cared, she got back on track. No one ever took her other child from her! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I had better not say anymore ~~This is outrageous! Where is our ELECTED governor? Where IS SHE?