Saturday, September 12, 2009

U.S. Attacks Tourism In Honduras

The United States wants to force this country to it's knees...take a despot or else. Global Travel Industry News reports:

The U.S. is wrong about Honduras tourism

The U.S. government calling for a travel advisory is incorrect and unfair to the people of Honduras. They didn’t do anything wrong and are being punished by the Obama Administration for an exercise in democracy,” said Eugene Albert, owner/developer of Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort on the Honduran island of Roatan, who is an American citizen living and working in Honduras. “The Obama administration is asking the Honduran government to go against their own constitution to reinstate [Zelaya].”

“This was all done legally and with due process with the constitution of the country,” insists David Schwartz, Managing Principal of The Management Consortium, a Miami-based developer in the process of creating the Aquarius Roatan Beach Resort and Marina, an 86-acre mixed use project.

Albert said the move had squelched tourism from the United States, even as cruise ship companies continue to allow ships to visit Roatan, the central hub of Honduran tourism. The Canadian government has also refused issuing a Travel Advisory on visiting Roatan.


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