Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Serious Predictions For The Future Of Honduras

From a very good friend, an American who lives in Honduras several months a year:

Pam, thank you for the information. I'm reading LA PRENSA's updates. It looks like they closed 4 major airports (in and out): Tegucigalpa, San Pedro, La Ceiba and Roatan to avoid the coming of INSULZA and his cronies. This is not looking good. These are my predictions 1. They might assassinate Zelaya provoking civil unrest and international intervention 2. Throw him in jail provoking civil unrest and international intervention 3. International intervention and civil war. Could be the spark for a greater conflict. (Chavez and Ortega are ready to Jump in) ( hope I'm wrong)
He will never return to power. 90% of the people in Honduras hate this man. I do not understand how come the USA and the International community can support him returning to power. Take care , Jose

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Anonymous said...

Its really sad what usa is doing to my Country, our Country has been nothing but a friend of Democracy with usa, but I think Obama doesnt care...Harvard should be ashamed of his student,for he doesnt know anything about international relationships, we were fine when zelaya was out of our country, but his return (like a thief) is making chaos all over the country and he doesnt care, he just wants to be back in power...thats why we hate him!!! we dont want comunismm...people of the world please LISTEN, stop supporting this dictator who is friend with chavez, if you were in my shoes I KNOW you would feel the same way. Whatever you are wishing for Honduras it may be return to you twice