Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pam Roach Report Two Months Ahead Of U.S. Media On Honduras!

"No other network has this interview," said Greta Van Susteren, September 15, 2009. Yeah...but Dear Reader, you read about it here and in my article to the Seattle Times two months ago. I sure as heck welcome FOX News to the battle!

An interview between Van Susteren and interim President Roberto Micheletti was to air tonight on FOX News but will air tomorrow instead.

Finally, a large media outlet has done a story on Honduras. FOX News went down to Honduras to interview the new president. Remember, Dear Reader, that the United States has revoked visas for all Honduran leaders! You have to go down there to hear the other side!

The American people need to hear what the Obama Administration is doing to the Honduran people! Let's start talking about this. My Seattle Times article ran July 17, 2009. PRR was the first in the country to expose the cabal to turn this small, poor country over to Marxism! I will next publish an article of despair from a Honduran who once loved America and does not understand why our county has abandoned the constitutional principles for the freedom loving people of Honduras.

Glenn Beck gave a mention. Greta Van Susteren gave an entire interview from Tegucigalpa!


safariman said...

Many thanks, Pam, for your unwavering support. And helping so much in getting the word out.

From Tegucigalpa

Anonymous said...

Thanks VERY MUCH for helping us, you are doing a great work for us, God bless you!.

strawberryblonde said...

You are a forward thinker and ahead of your time. Perhaps, me thinks, this why you receive opposition. God Bless YOU!