Monday, September 21, 2009

All Hondurans Are Asking

What has the USA done with us???
Zelaya is about to install the constituent assembly...they are saying it openly....He’s calling the people to insurrection!!!!
He even said that the does not believe in our November elections!!!! He plans to stay forever!!!!
He came talking like Chavez, same speech!!!
May God forget the people who made this decision and who destroyed a beautiful country that was trying to fight for democracy!
We will see if the same people will have the same actions when Zelaya becomes a dictator...will they come back to take him away???? I don’t think so!
I'm very disappointed and sad...


Dear Vivian. This is happening because the Obama administration has willed it so. This is not being done out of ignorance. There is a very evil purpose to what is being done. The American people do not want to abandon you to Zalaya, the Chavez clone.(To my Democrat friends...I have to call them as I see them. I can not be silent on the vital issues of freedom and democracy.)


proud to be honduran said...

Dear Pam,
Hondurans and our democracy will be in eternal gratitud for your constant support, not only on this matter but for all the years that you have helped our less fortunate children!
God bless you,


Anonymous said...

It is very sad to see how the Obama Administration is sanctioning and cutting all the aid to Honduras just for trying to keep their DEMOCRACY, and not violate THEIR Constitution. Zelaya, a Chavez puppet, has violated their laws, and has returned with the SAME or WORST attitude. Pres. Obama always encourages DIALOGUE, so why not hear both sides? Why not talk DIRECTLY with Michelleti, as he heard Zelaya? Please help the long run (or maybe short) will make a difference in our OWN DEMOCRACY! Say no to SOCIALISM!No to Chavez and his followers....! We MUST be the strength, support and defenders of DEMOCRACY in the world, as we have always been in the past! Thanks!