Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACORN...Even More Unbelievable Than Borat

I hope you are all watching the ACORN expose on FOX News. If not, you are truly missing something! It is kind of like watching Borat for the first time. (Yes, I have seen it more than once.) You can't believe what you are watching. Like....is this real???

But Acorn isn't a spoof. It is real. You see this and then you have to say..."If this can happen in Acorn...can this level of corruption occur in other areas funded by government?" When you think of Acorn...think about your tax dollars. Borat would wipe is rear end with them. As does Acorn, apparently!


Anonymous said...

Pam, In the name of the all the Democratic Hondurians, Thank you so much to let the people know the truth about the situation in Honduras. Americans need to hear the real president MICHELETTI and the great things his doing for our country. What is happening with your president Obama????? Doesn't he likes freedom?????????
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach, If I didn't hear it live I wouldn't have believed it. There has long been talk of how corrupt ACORN was..and is. I have been following this for the last 5 days or so. You should hear the international news..the way it is reported overseas.

What do you think Dear Senator Roach we should do about this type of corruption. I am sure you have been following what they are saying about the love of my life..Glenn Beck..sigh..Corruption..I just can't stand the thought that our country has become this.

Respectfully submitted.

Anonymous said...

Yes,I think more people than ever have been on this from the beginning. Thank God for Glenn Beck. If it wasn't for Glenn on Fox no one would have been the wiser. I hope all representatives are listening as they may be out of a job soon.