Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Hope The Prayers Are Answered

A reader writes:


I have court on the 28th. I have battled the state for my 3 kids for 2 years. I cannot go on this way, neither can the kids. I wanted you and your readers to know what I will be stating to the court. This is my statement.

"Your honor for 2 years you have been given the power to do what is considered the best interest of my children. I feel you have failed them. Today it is not your decision but mine that will ensure that they are safe and cared for the way they should be. I am relinquishing them to the care of their current foster-adopt parents.
It is in their best interest to not be separated or moved anymore. And to ensure that you and the department do not continue on the path of destruction in their lives I have made this painful decision.

Today you, the department and the AG will not win.
Love wins. My children win."
Thank you.

(Please keep these kids and me in your prayers. Even though I have not attached a name, the good Lord knows who I am.)


Anonymous said...

DO NOT GIVE UP! Please fight for them, their future, their rights, their family, their heritage. Fight , because they can't, fight till the bitter end! Our prayers are with you, we have been there. All our Love

Anonymous said...

This is the saddest thing I have ever read...

"I am relinquishing them to the care of their current foster-adopt parents.
It is in their best interest to not be separated or moved anymore. And to ensure that you and the department do not continue on the path of destruction in their lives I have made this painful decision."

How can anyone in the department live with themselves knowing the are destoying the inner soul of another human?
I just don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Wow, my heart sunk deep as I read this and I welled up. Dear, mother, it is so disheartening that we citizens have to succumb to the powers of corruption. There is no humane logic for the Department as they self identify themselves.I know personally the excruciating range of emotions you must be going through, I have experienced the Departments injustices on behalf of children as a Foster/Adopt Family, which we are no longer. I choose to believe that the ultimate sacrifice you are making on your children's behalf will return to you in unimaginable ways.

CC Tillett said...

Please do not relinquish your children to the state. That is what they want. I know you believe you are doing this out of love for your children. I ask that you re-think this.


CC Tillett
Washington Families United
Child and Family Advocate

Anonymous said...

It is easy in this environment to want to give up. I have felt that way many, many times. Let my daughter and non-compliance be one reason and the system the other. Yet miracles do happen and if we stop fighting it is the same as saying that God isn't capable of miracle producing works. God has proven over and over again that the government is not more powerful than he is. We, as a nation, have seen his great works and we will see them again. He is not afraid to prove a point in the midst of man created chaos.
Just as there are no athiests in fox holes,so are many of us on the front lines of CPS action also praying for miracles.
I have been involved in this system for a little over two years. The last two years have seen huge strides in community activism, numbers of people coming together and connecting, and legislation changes. This is not the time to give up. BE YE NOT WEARY BECAUSE GOD'S HAND IS NOT IDLE
"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will walk and not be weary, they will run and not faint." You have time to change your mind if you believe that is what God would have you to do.
I was just studying the text in Mathew regarding the words of Jesus who said, "The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force." The translation is lost in English somewhat but it was talking about the leaders of the day pushing their way in, taking over and running ramshod over the people. The people consist of families. Destroying families is not a new government act. This was done over and over again by greedy and pathological governments determined to control everything and everyone.
Yet as the wicked pursue their sociopathic agendas, so also does the science of God's creation that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction unfold. Be bold. Be vigilant. For the Kindom of Heaven draweth nigh."

Anonymous said...

I will say a prayer for you and your grandchildren and one so that the judges mind and heart will be in the right place. Also, to keep the demons out of the courtroom and allow the angels to surround you and your family and friends.

Anonymous said...

To this reader

My brother and his wife have been there. After many years of what I perceived as torture by CPS and simply playing with people's lives; my brother and his wife also made the ultimate sacrifice any parent who wants their child can make. They were forced into a deal which forced them to relinquish their daughter to a foster/adopt couple and they were given their son in exchange. However, this left brother and sister separated for many, many years until she was
21. When we made an attempt to unite brother and sister; the foster/adopt couple certainly didn't appreciate my brother's sacrifice for their happiness. Unfortunately, his daughter didn't seem to appreciate it either. The foster/adopt couple made attempts to severe the relationship that their son had with them and by all accounts succeeded stating "she might want to meet him some day but only him".

Anonymous said...

to the people who have commented on my letter. My 48 hours to change my mind are up. Time has run out. I am hoping that God has a good plan. Because my hands are tied. Thank you for all your love and support.

Mrs.Lindsey Ackley

Anonymous said...

foster parents are just as abused and powerless as biological parents..

Anonymous said...

Please for the sake of your children Do Not Give Up. This is how DSHS works. They make money for every child they take and adopt out. You children need you!
What a great government we have beating the crap out of our citizens until they sucumb. Sounds more like the Gestapo to me!

Anonymous said...

I am aware of what went on in this case. Just disgusting! There are grand parents that could have, are more than qualified and were more than willing to keep these children together with them. My prayers for this family. When will this madness stop!

Anonymous said...

L, You know me. We have spoken so many times on the phone. Such an intelligent woman you are. And know this..I Love you and I feel your pain..for..as you know..we walk in almost the same shoes..different..but the same story..I wish that you wouldn't do this..I tried to give you the encouragement to fight..but I realize that everyone has their own breaking point. You were a super mom..I recognized that in you. I am so sad you have no fight left. This system does that to the human soul. You will always have our support..and if you ever decide to pick up the fight again for the wrong done to you and your children..please make sure that my name is at the top of your list. Our great lord has given me that strength..to fight when others have lost their will to do so. For that I am thankful.You know who I am..the rally remember..you walked with me in the lead with your mom.
I love you L..God bless..and be in touch..A friend in me you have ..forever!

Lindsey Ackley said...

I will never give up on those still fighting. I am in a place to say to mothers in the midst of the battle " I DO UNDERSTAND" I am that mother...I feel that terror,anguish,fear,hurt. I will march at more rallies, call more bosses and write to the papers and media. I havent given up on the rest of the families...Im still in this. For all the children matter to me. I see all the children in the system when I look at pictures of my babies. ( if you are reading this and in a battle with cps please reach out..I am here for you.)
Remember God is in control of everything..even if it looks hopeless.