Friday, September 18, 2009

Hugo Chavez Closes Free Press In Venezula

Marxist President Hugo Chavez has been systematically closing press outlets in Venezuela. Criticize the dear leader and he sends in thugs to shut you down. (That is one way to close a station. In the U.S. they suggest yanking a license.)

Chavez has closed 32 radio stations and all but one of the TV stations that have dared to criticize him.

Chavez is mentor to ousted Honduran Mel Zalaya. Given the actions of Zayala before his constitutional removal it is a foregone conclusion among Hondurans that they were next on the list for the removal of a free press.

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Anonymous said...

Chavez and a whole bunch of other tyranical leaders are coming to New York soon for a UN meeting according to Fox news. I am wondering what that is all about and what turn of events we can expect.