Friday, September 18, 2009

WA State Statistics On CPS Cases

From The Washington Policy Center

In Washington State, in fiscal year 2007:

 There were 1,566,400 children under age 18
living in Washington.

 42,300 children under age 18 were referred to the
Children’s Administration and accepted for
investigation. This is 2.7 percent of Washington
State’s child population.

 After a referral is accepted for investigation by the
Children’s Administration, some children are then
placed in out-of-home care. In 2007, about 7,500
children were placed in out-of-home care at least

 On any given day during the year, the
Children’s Administration estimates that 10,000
children were living in out-of-home care in the
custody of the state:

Of these, just over a third were living with

About two-thirds were living with non-relative foster families or other state-sponsored arrangements.

 About 2,500 children were in formal
guardianships overseen by the Children’s
Administration. Guardianships are considered
“permanent” placements, so they are not included
in the “out-of-home” care numbers.

 In 2007, the Children’s Administration estimates
that 7,200 children left out-of-home care. They
report that:

 4,630 children were reunified with their
biological parents;
 1,283 were adopted;
 394 were placed in new guardianships, and;
 808 had “other” exits, which include those
who reached age 18, those with a transfer
of custody, those with no exit reason, and a
very small proportion that died.


Anonymous said...

Call me stupid but how can 4630 be reunited with parents, when 2/3 of the children were in non-relative foster families?

Anonymous said...

The number 4,630 would be those in foster care or relative placement for the last four or more years and not just in that year's removal.
Then there is a problem with the adoption number. Apparently 37,000 adoption services were offered in 2007. That is an odd number considering that only 1,283 are showing as adopted.
I might also add that 84 million went into adoption with considerably less for all other services.
I do not believe that ALL removed children are used in their equations. I think there are categories that are filtered out and that beefs up the relative placement numbers.
If there are approximately 10,000 children in care per month, and approximately 11,500 are removed each year and only a portion of the total number end up out of care for whatever reason, then the numbers would increase exponentially. I am sorry, but they are full of crap.

Anonymous said...

Let me put this in terms of a word problem.
I have 10 apples but case workers eat 7 which leaves me 3. CPS then gives me 12 apples so now I have 15. Caseworkers come in and eat seven more apples which leaves me 8 apples. Then CPS gives me 12 more apples so I now have 20 apples. Then seven more apples are eaten which leaves me with 13 apples. After five years, how many apples are in the basket?

Anonymous said...

Now, let's look at relative placement. If 11,500 are removed and one third are placed with relative, this means that 3,795 are then placed with relatives. The average resolved case is approximately two years and can go as high as four before a final decision is made. It takes an average of six months before placement with a relative is achieved because federal funding requires a six month window to obtain funding.
So, let's do some math. rounding up to 3800, year one plus year two equals 7600 with relatives. There would also be an increase exponentially with each year added for legal stragglers into year three and four. So, how many would you guess should be listed for relative placement, and what is being listed for the Ombudsman office and DSHS? Nope, not spoon feeding you this one.

Anonymous said...

Also, according to their website here
They removed 11,345 in 2007. At least that is what they charged the feds for.

Anonymous said...

Consider this too. 17,405 foster families recieved services. Out of that number, siblings would also be placed in the same home so each foster family may have more than one child. If only 11,345 children were removed then why the need for that many foster families?
ARe you still hanging with me on all this, Brian? All attorneys are also math experts, right lol

Robert James Patterson said...

NO CHILD SHOULD DIE WHO HAS BEEN PLACED IN "PROTECTIVE" CUSTODY!! One death of a child in custody is an outrage and shows that the agency workers NEED to be held accoutable

Anonymous said...

Robert James Patterson your right.....fight that fight!!!

Anonymous said...

"In 2007, ABOUT 7,500 children were placed in out-of-home care at least once (this is not math; math is precise addition and subtraction). In 2007, the Children's Administration ESTIMATES that 7,200 children left out-of-home care. Again, how hard is it to count?????

Anonymous said...

Then which one do we believe? The statistics from the Washington policy center or the DSHS website? If one says 7500 were removed and the other says 11,335, will the real numbers please present themselves. I have heard before the legislature that up to 22,500 children were removed by a person in the know. This is what I am talking about. Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I looked on the Ombudsman website to get some figures. They do not have any figures after 2003. What is wrong with that picture. They have the figures from all the years after that, so why don't they want the public to see them? I emailed and asked for figures and they aren't responding.

Anonymous said...

I called the Ombudsman office to get the figures. They said "we don't have them handy" and then referred me to Constituant Services. Constituant Services didn't return my call. I called them back and someone answered the phone. I mentioned the fact that the Ombudsman doesn't have the figures up and she said it was because they had their staff cut. Since 2003 they haven't been able to update the website? I don't think that is accurate. It seems to me at one time the stats were up. All they would have to do is scan and upload. Maybe I should offer that service. :) I still didn't get any figures and she referred me to someone in DSHS lol. HERE WE GO ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH, THE MULBERRY BUSH, THE MULBERRY BOOOOUUUUUSHHHHH AH YA YA YA I will personally cook my famous shrimp top ramen with cream cheese to anyone who can come up with the correct numbers and not just their bogus (oops) I mean accurate extended family placements.

Anonymous said...

My family has been affected by cps so bad that they stole my children 2 times made fun of their foreheads and said that something was wrong with them, they wont stop accusing us of all kinds of things they know aren't true my children have been in more danger in the system then at home we were a happy loving family. They held my older girls hostage for 10 months and wouldn't let me see them, they have boldly lied to the judge the foster mom has been caught examining my 3 year oldest private area with my older girls watching she made my oldest lay on the bed and play with herself, they are vegetarian and they not only make them eat meat but pork even tho one of their last names are Muhammad one girls was made to put on her nighttime clothes on in a garage with the man of the house and yet nothing happens to these people who are either crazy or neglectful and cps wont move my children out of this dangerous environment for nothing not to mention my children continuously get sick when they never had more then the common cold before they left. The most saddest part about it is no one can help everyone acts like they are so scared. well this family is ready to fight it's time for my children to come home i watch my children crying every time they have to leave a visit yet no one seams to care. If their is anyone that isn't afraid and want to help please give us some insight or help us SENATOR PAM ROACH I contacted your legislative assistant about our story but I would like to meet with you there are 4 precious girls lives at stake here. It's time for someone to take some accountability here.