Monday, September 14, 2009

U.S. Has Revoked the Visas Of All Honduran Officials

It is kind of hard to defend your position in the United States if the Obama administration will not let you come here to plead your case. Only the leftists are allowed to come here. So much for the freedom of our own citizens to have information.

The Honduras News
Sept. 13, 2009

Commenting on the revoked visas, from judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, the President of the Republic, to businessmen and people defending the Constitution, Villeda said they should frame the canceled visas and hang them in their living rooms, then they could explain to their children and grandchildren, friends and relatives, that is the price for defending the Republic (Honduras).

Mario Villeda is an Honduran politician and member of the negotiating team for the current government of Honduras trying to resolve the political crisis. He also called for the U.S. ambassador to Honduras to leave if he couldn't support the constitutional transition. U.S. Ambassador Llorens is a personal friend of former president Mel Zalaya and Chavez. He is helping to trash Honduras!

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Anonymous said...

The suspension of visas should be construed as unncessary measure which will undermine the respect and admiration of the quality of medical attention, education systems and business acumen. Recently I learned of young people who had been awarded scholarships, but because of this measure there are now looking for alternatives, to the detriment of their professional formation and admiration of once thought friends.