Saturday, September 5, 2009

Attack On Honduras Continues

From Honduras News we read:

"General Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, who was on a visit to China yesterday, said that all parties concerned in Honduras needed to 'discreetly and properly solve the ongoing Honduran political stalemate. The time is not ripe and conditions are not mature for holding a presidential election in Honduras in November,' he said."

The U. S. supports doing everything it can to remove constitutional government from Honduras. HN remains stable even with the crushing events the United States has supported and caused. The U.S. is preparing to refuse to recognize the results of the fall election. The cast majority of Hondurans can hardly wait for the election to get this mess settled. But, Washington would not be happy with the outcome. Honduras...even those of Zalaya's own party (they are the ones who removed him) do not want Zalaya or a clone in the upcoming elections.

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Anonymous said...

I am totally convinced that this is the wrong era to be poor in. Anyone asking for a handout from the US government is in real trouble it seems and not just a welfare mother but a country with limited means.
So, for the price of freedom, can Honduras learn to live without US handouts? Can the single mother learn to live without handouts? I am thinking yes. It might mean a change of modern day anthropology and go back to hunter and gatherer thinking some. It can be done. What did people do when there wasn't all that modern technology and waste? They survived. They grew gardens and worked together as a community. They traded goods moreso than money.
They had small business that got handed down generation to generation.
Survival training may be the most important course one could take with the coming events. I have never been to Honduras, but I am willing to bet the people will pull through this if they can only work together to make it happen.