Sunday, September 27, 2009

Honduran Officials Will Take Action To Get Zalaya

Welcome Home Manuel.

The Honduran government has just announced that if the Brazilians don't turn Mel Zalaya over to them they will close the Brazilian Embassy. Who needs the Brazilians in Honduras? They have followed the U.S. in making sanctions and are harboring a criminal who was actually given safe passage out of the country!

Remember the sign in San Pedro Sula. Hondurans have the "eggs" to stand up for freedom.

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W said...

Dear Mrs. Pam Roach,
We just heard on the news ambassador from the U.S.A. here in Honduras, is assisting ex-president Zelaya to set up a parallel goverment led by Zelaya!! This is crazy, what is he doing to us? this is too much to bear for us, this is too much, PLEASE help us.