Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sign In San Pedro Sula, HN

In Honduras we have no gas nor money but we have eggs. (BALLS in American vernacular)

A reader comments from Honduras on the Van Susteren interview with Micheletti:

I am so proud of Micheletti. He has held the Honduran people together in this whole ordeal. His courage to hold his own against Zelaya and Chavez (who publicly insulted him and said that he was going to take him down) and now against the international community gives Hondurans strength to keep on having hope that we are not going to have to admit Zelaya in Honduras again. He has the three democratic powers working in Honduras like a Swiss watch, and he has got the Finances together too.He is guaranteeing elections and 95% of Hondurans feel safe and happy with him. Everything Zelaya says in TV is false.Nobody is in jail and there have been no deaths

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I like this billboard.