Monday, September 28, 2009

Colville Councilwoman Fights For Her Granddaughter

Remember readers: Councilwoman Barbara Mowery is fighting to get her 3 year-old, blond granddaughter. Both parents want Barbara to adopt their little girl. The department has come around and with new leadership at the top is vacating ridiculous statements that had been generated by the department itself. But, the CASA does not want the councilmember to have her granddaughter! The CASA is not wanting to follow the law which says "families first." I just talked with Region 1 Director
Connie Lambert-Echel just before seeing the following comment that I pulled up for the blog.

The department and the parents will be arguing for the councilmember. This CASA is bent to take the child and place her with someone other than family. There is a complaint department with the CASA program. It doesn't mean horse pucky in King County where they protect and reward CASAs who violate the mandate to place with families first. Maybe it does in Region 1.

"The Councilwoman grandmother who is fighting for her granddaughter had a horrific breakdown of action in court today...
meeting last
Wednesday at which Connie Eckell-Lambert "promised" that in court today the state would back Barbara and move to let her adopt...
CASA says no... and wants to fight it...Kris Randall said it was a moot point if the state is in favor... not happening till, get this... October 13th when they want to have an all day hearing?
WHY?? we had all kinds of promises and hope... now this...
we are stunned...again!
Diana Williams
Grandparent rights...
Colville, Washington


Anonymous said...

The system needs to change...NOW!!! These children are being attacked and tramatized by the system and it needs to stop now!!!
I would like to know the latest on Lilly...You haven't talked about her case in a long time and I want to know why her case is taking so long. I am her godmother and would love to see her back home with her grandparents. We miss her so much and this is doing nothing but hurting her. She needs to come home!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Again, what a bunch of twisted bastards. They couldn't do the right thing for a child if their life depended on it.Keep fighting for her!

Anonymous said...

For Lilly`s Godmother: You are right to say that things need to change NOW. There are no changes being made. Nobody will stand up and make anyone follow the family laws. The chosen few who have their cases in the forefront MAY eventually succeed in getting the children returned.
For the rest of us, there is no help, nobody to stand up and speak for the children. It makes no difference what hurt has been caused to people when they have their families to go home to at night. Just remember, the children will not stay little forever and will someday know the truth.

Anonymous said...

casa's need to go away completely! They are nothing but self-righteous
pigs who look down upon people and say "your wrong and I'm right" and your going to do what I think is right! The fact is most of these casa's were probably bullied and pushed around as children, or cannot hold a relationship because of their own anal tendencies. So in retaliation they become casa's so they can in their own sense be the bully. We need to do away with the casa program completely!

Justina said...

The more crap I hear of our government's corruption...the more I get bloody mad.

Couldn't we just go back to the good ole day of horses, shields and swords....and just take over the rotten mean King's kingdom by force and toss the dude in the mote for the dragon to eat him?

Hey Senator....I've been posting links on my Facebook...and others are spreading it to their profiles too. You are getting pretty popular in my circle of FB friends.

Do you have plans of going on FB? You's a much wider audience there.

Siiiiiiiigh...corruption is so draining!

Anonymous said...

I am praying you get your granddaughter back and soon. Because you hold the position you do, there are people at least willing to help you and your grandchild. I`m confident things will work out for your family. Every child returned gives the rest of us hope that someday the pain will stop for families and children will no longer be forgotten. I hope to hear soon you have been reunited with the child you love so dearly.

Anonymous said...

Are adult citizens (parents)who go before the juvenile court considered criminals?

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your comments, as tears run down my face. I am innocent of any crime, yet I am labeled by hearsay, 30 years ago, in the presence of my constituents, my family, and my law abiding nature. I feel as though I have not only lost our granddaughter but my own sense of self worth and accomplishment. I know, in my heart, they are wrong but that doesn't stop the questions that want answers.I have made a good life for my children and my grandchildren; a good and law abiding life. The state, CASA, judge, and disgruntled social worker will go to any length to ruin the life of a law abiding citizen only to have what they want, the child. I'm sure this is always the end result of any injustice perpetrated upon a decent family. Thank you all for your support.

Councilwoman Mowrey