Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reader Comments On CASA Program

Go to TVW to hear Monday's "Sunshine Committee" hearing on the WA State CASA program. I have been saying that the public has a right to know who the CASAs are. We should be able to know their qualifications. We should know their financial situation, line of work, education, history of complaints, whether or not THEY have a family, successes and failures in their own family situations, history of drug use, etc. Many of these individuals are wonderful people but many lack training. How are CASAs assigned...really...not just how we are told they are assigned. They should be randomly selected. They are not. Favorites are more offen assigned. Let's see the assignment list!

FROM A READER: "I have listened to the first 30 minutes and I am so disgusted with Linda Katz (Dir. King Co. CASA) saying that she has very few complaints. Let me tell you I know of many complaints. I called the main office over 2 years ago and all I got from the CASA office in Seattle was backlash from the CASA office in Stevens county.

I recommend to anyone who gets in the horrible situation with a dependency to call the CASA office and make a complaint. It is a horrible system. Katz states that if a CASA has a past history with a family they should not be on the case. Well in Stevens county that is not the case. It is a brutal system to go through. You expect that the CASA will represent the child. But, what really happens is they that represent the CPS workers!

I firmly believe that they are a secretive lying bunch of people just like CPS. I have been to court many times and watched CASA. One CASA here actually reads a book while the lives of people are being torn apart.

CASA started in WA. and it needs to end in WA. Since when does a CASA with very little education and 30 hours of training get to make decisions about a family's very heart and soul?"

Ms. Katz: You are more than welcome to comment. You stated on Monday that I misrepresented the number of CASA. I had said say 360 or so. (I am sure the number fluctuates depending on how many you purge. (Do you purge any? Or, just don't call on the ones you don't like? How is your selection determined? Do you have a list of favorites?) If there is something that you think is not right in my reporting please call me 253-735-4210. That is preferred over taking potshots at an elected official in a public meeting. I have questioned the functioning of the program. You, on the other hand, attack me and my motivations. Looks bad!

Remember, Ms. are a public employee and the public has a right to know what you are doing! Instead of burning with anger and accusations about my motivations you should be trying to figure out how you can change your way of doing things to give the public confidence in what your agency does.


Anonymous said...

Senator, my prayers are with you. This system will try to tear you apart while never looking at their own tendencies towards the destruction of the family. Warm, friendly, sentimental sounding goals in writing may sway many, but the reality on the front lines leaves a wake of broken people with little recourse.
CASA was born from a need, but has since morphed into part of the problem. I have seen CASAs with severe mental health problems, little to no contact with the family, forceful behaviors with family, overly supportive with boundary violations in others, and on and on. This is not a regulated industry in any sense of the word and should not have the power in the court room that it has.

Anonymous said...

We have had the same run ins with Linda Katz. SHE NEEDS TO GO! My name was slandered because of her. And to do that in front of a state senator and other witnesses was a big mistake on her part. I encourage everyone else who has had trouble with her to blog on this site as well. And we will ALL see her for who she really is,
Personally, I think she's a waste of oxygen, let alone tax payers money.