Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Denise Revels Robinson------What Do We Know About WA's New CPS Director?

Please Google search Denise Revels Robinson for detailed information.

But, there was one thing that caught my eye in the press release:

During her tenure with Milwaukee County, starting in 1997, Revels Robinson led the way to safely reduce the number of children in out-of-home care from 6,800 to 2,600 by 2003 by accomplishing reunification of children with their families in 70 percent of cases, and 30 percent adopted within 24 months of entering foster care.

Robinson was in charge when a 13-month-old was killed in foster care and her toddler sibling tortured. The 13-month-old's tragic death is said to be the reason Robinson resigned. Let's see...I think I reported that 11 children in foster care tragically died just in Pierce County alone last year and.....
No one resigned.

Robinson will take the place of Cheryl Stephanie, AKA to PRR readers...Cheryl Steponme. Let's see how this works. Both Steponme and interim director, Randy Hart, were defenders of the broken system. We want accountability. We want truth in the courtroom. We want standing for grandparents in dependency cases. I want a more open system so the public can be the watchdogs that we are expected to be.


Anonymous said...

Former Wisconsin official to head Washington agency
Filed Under (Health, News, Washington) by Brian Danner on 16-09-2009 Washington has named a new director for its state Children’s Administration.
Denise Revels Robinson will start work Oct. 19th after previously holding the position of a policy adviser for the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, and director of the state-run child welfare agency in Milwaukee County.
Washington Social and Health Services Secretary Susan Dreyfus hailed Revels Robinson’s 40 years of experience in the child welfare field.
But the Washington Federation of State Employees says it has “serious concerns” about Revels Robinson’s tenure at the Milwaukee County agency.
Last year, Wisconsin officials said the county’s foster care system would be revamped, after an investigation found a “series of lapses” led to the death of a severely abused 1-year-old boy. (AP)

The last paragraph scares the hell out of me, sounds like what stepped down here. I am not impressed. It seems the ones that have serious issues in other states, and there are ALOT of them are welcomed here to the "good ol boys club!

Anonymous said...

Foster care isnt the enemy of children. Bad culture (whether possessed by foster parents or biological relatives) is..

Safely reducing the number of children in out of home care doesnt tell us how many of those children were then able to escape the cycle of povery and screwballness that landed them in the system in the first place.

Look like they picked up another Yes-man...isnt Steponme's husband still running CPS ?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what they are going to do about the past? What about families who have already been ripped apart? How are they going to reunite those families who were wrongfully ripped apart because of the involvement of a meddling former foster parent and a foster/adopt couple who refuse to come to their senses?

Anonymous said...

"A change is coming," said the ship's captain when the wind arrow blew completely in the opposite direction. Then Mary Poppins flew in. Maybe we have two Mary Poppins now? Let's see how it benefits the children and families in the State of Washington. Thanks, Gov. Gregoire, for the new appointments and direction. I bet you are surprised to hear me say that.

Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

Now, don't go doing a foster care panic over one child. That alone has killed more children than any war. I don't care how good a system is, children are going to die. Sometimes they will die at the hands of a parent, others will die at the hands of extended family, and many will die in foster care. It has to be minimized, but it will never completely go away because the sickness of man is too prevalent. I am not looking for 0 child deaths because that is unreasonable. I do think her other statistics are worthy and she is worth giving an opportunity to change a few things. The child death is unfortunate, but look at what she did for families there. Let's give her a chance.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

One child's death is one too many especially when that child is UNDER PROTECTION OF CPS and what about the sibling that was tortured. This number while under the PROTECTION OF CPS IS TOO MUCH

Anonymous said...

Pam Roach states that she wants the pulic to be the "watchdogs." Do you know what happens when foster parents are the watchdogs and try to advocate for the foster children that they have? We are ignored, rolled over on, and simply treated like dirt. This system has been run by many individuals that don't even have custody of their own children and care not one iota about the children they are supposed to protect. Sure, reunification rates might be high, but try and ask them what percentage of those reunified end back up in care and you won't get an answer at all. Surprised that WA ran out and hired someone that has been disgraced for not protecting children in the past? Not me, it is simply what we have come to expect. Very, very sad.

Max Lawson said...

At plea to: Denise Revels Robinson, Children's Administration Assistant Secretary, Washington, State

Dear Ms. Revels Robinson,

I’m requesting your assistance, My grand daughter Shayna Krueger, has been in foster care for over a year and a half. D.S.H.S. Children Services in Tumwater, Washington, has placed my grand daughter with Laura Anderson and her boyfriend Tommy, who have done a fine job thus far. Ma’am from the very beginning when Shayna was placed into foster care, I supported a plan for reunification between my grand daughter and her mother, Jennifer Krueger. Jennifer has not complied with a reunification plan set in place by children’s services. I was notified over a year ago by Chrissy Wright, Shayna’s caseworker at the time, that an alternate care plan for us to possibly have custody of Shayna should this situation arise, be set in place. Ms. Wright sent my wife, Sharon, and I paperwork for an interstate compact, which we completed by our county. Children Services, Ms. Kim Gabbard, supervisor, and her staff now support a plan to terminate parental rights, which would terminate grand parent rights and sibling rights also. Ms. Anderson wants to adopt Shayna because she has bonded with my grand daughter during the time frame mentioned. I understand that a bond has been formed, but a year and a half is not a long time compared to the rest of her life being with family. My wife and I can provide her with things that only Shayna’s biological family can provide. She will be surrounded by many family members who love and care for her. Children Services and my grand daughter’s guardian ad leidum has been working more with Ms. Anderson and encouraging her to adopt Shayna, encouraging her to complete an adoption packet. Over a year ago my wife and I filed for non parental custody of Shayna but at the request of Children’s Services, put that on hold to allow the mother a chance to reunify with Shayna. Ms. Revels Robinson, Children Services is failing to follow the family first law. Ma’am I have been calling your office daily requesting to speak with you, and referred to Ms. Becky Smith instead. My grand daughter deserves permanency and to grow up with family. I don’t want to make this a political or media matter, I just want Shayna to be with her family. Ms. Revels Robinson, although it may not matter, I am U.S. Army Retired serving proudly for over 22 years active military service. I know you’re a busy person and you support family values, I’m respectfully requesting to talk to you.

Thank you,
Max Lawson

937-390-6153 or 937-206-6096

Max Lawson said...

--- On Wed, 5/19/10, Revels Robinson, Denise (DSHS) wrote:

From: Revels Robinson, Denise (DSHS)
Subject: Your grand daughter
Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 2:00 PM

Hello Mr Lawson: I wanted to let you know that I received your phone message and your May 18 email. I am in the process of personally reviewing Shayna's situation and the current permanency plan for her.
I respect the concerns you have raised and will review our actions.
I will contact you after I have obtained the information.
That should be within 2 weeks from today.
Thank you

Denise Revels Robinson

Anonymous said...

To: Governor Gregoire, Washington State 6/07/2010
Subject: Racism and Child Abuse of Multi-Racial Child

Ms. Gregoire, Shayna is still in the care of her abuser’s. I’m not getting your help because, face it“ I am a Black Man“. I have served this country proudly over 20 years proudly, in your eye‘s, I‘m still a Nigger! If I were white, I would have gotten Shayna months ago, you know it true. My grand-child, Shayna Krueger is being abused by Laura Anderson’s, in the home of her so called, “suitable placement,” because, Shayna is multi-racial she can‘t help that. My grand-child has been taken to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma, WA. several times due to her elbow popping out of place several times. It was written that this was normal and the physician was able to pop it back in. I have discussed this matter with physicians and nurses in Ohio, they tell me that this is abuse. The physicians stated to me, Shayna’s arm is being jerked or forcefully pulled often for this to happen. The abuse should have been investigated the first time. I feel you’re ignoring me because of my color, please stop thinking like, Governor Wallace of Alabama. The Lord had made Shayna and I different, we can’t help that, no person of color can. Governor, please over look my color just this once and make my grand-child safe! I’m sick and tired of being treated as a second class citizen, because I’m Black. Child Protective Service’s, Hughie Dang, Kim Gabbard would help if I were White! Make my grand-child Safe, in the name of Jesus!! Please take her out of the abusive placement, tell them not to hurt her again.

Max Lawson
U.S Army Retired