Thursday, September 10, 2009

Niece Taken Through CPS Lie...Aunt Reports

I have talked with this fine woman and exchanged emails many times. Read her story. Combination for stealing a child: Lie in a home study. Take the child. Acknowledge a lie has been committed...keep the child anyway.

"My name is S. T. and I live in WA. State. There is a horrible problem with our Children`s Protective Services here. Our niece was placed with us for 18 months by CPS and taken away because she was promised to a foster-adopt family. I know there is a federal law that is supposed to protect her right to be with family but it is not being followed. We have had a favorable adoption home study done and she still has not been returned.

The director of the Ombudsman said she should not have been taken. Our Governor will not enforce any laws broken. It is all ignored. We aren`t the only family going through this. It seems to be little girls around the age of 3 years old being taken.

They said they took her because my husband had a felony on his record which is not true. We proved that in court but she was still taken.

We have had a local reporter following our story but we can`t have it aired until our attorney gives her approval. If someone could read the Pam Roach Report online, they could see what I`m talking about. There are a lot of families needing help."

(This was a letter submitted to a federal agency because no one in WA CPS would do the right thing. Why? Because they have promised a little girl to someone else and they have the power to make that happen.)

Dear S.T.,Tell your attorney to get with it. Go to the press. Make all the noise you can. This agency will continue to run up your legal bills, damage everyone in your family, and you will lose your niece if you don't do everything you can to fight this.

Dear CPS: You must correct these wrongs. Who lied to the judge? You can only say someone is a felon if you have the judgement from a court. Stop the lies!!! Stop the stealing of little girls!!!


Anonymous said...

They also take little boys. It appears it depends on the preference of the person with the order in.These little boys also tend to be three and under. Maybe if the federal adoption incentive(bonus) were changed to only allow states to recieve a bonus for a child over 13 or younger if severley disabled then the theft of the little ones would stop.
The form is a great idea. But I also believe that the courts should recieve an aknowledgement from the relative that they have been contacted along with a copy of their FBI report sent directly to the court. That may just clear up some of the problems with hidden agendas

Anonymous said...

I am a neighbor of S.T. My son played with the boys they had in their care for 3 years. I remember when their neice first came to them. She was 15 months old. There was a sadness in her eyes, she never smiled and clung to only S.T. and seemed afraid of everyone else. That changed and it was heartwarming to see the smiles and how outgoing that little girl became. She was like a lost little soul and turned into a bright, happy little girl in a short amount of time. I am sickened that she was taken from the happiness she knew and the people she loves so much. She is their daughter in every way but biological. I am praying she`s home soon!!

Anonymous said...

I was in court the day my little cousin was taken. After court was over, my mom was begging the caseworker to help her. The caseworker said she would do whatever she could to help. A few minutes later, that caseworker had my cousin by the hand taking her away. That lady had the nerve to look back at my mom and smile in an evil way, taunting her.