Monday, September 28, 2009

St. Louis Speech On CPS Centered On Action

First let me say that I was careful not to criticize state workers. They are not the problem. It is the management and "the system." And, in WA State we are "under new management" so we are waiting to see what changes are coming. It has been slow.

Strangely, the resignation of the clown that headed Eastern State mental hospital is a good sign that DSHS head, Susan Dreyfus, is serious about making the system accountable. The director had let a psychopathic killer visit the Spokane County Fair. The psycho escaped into the crowd and has not yet been found. I believe this means he was fired. He would never have had the integrity to leave that salary. If I am wrong...he had integrity...but no common sense.

I looked out at a crowd of mostly women... 150 grassroot leaders from various states. I showed them the KING 5 coverage of the Stuth Case and discussed several problems with that case. (I had so many choices!!)

My job was to suggest solutions. The only thing that will change the system is exposure and leadership willing to follow the law. Oh...maybe a few other things. It went very well. When it is on YOUTube I will let you know! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Nothing will change until cover up artists like sharon gilbert, mary meinig and lucy isaki are cut lose.

State workers are most certainly part of the problem. Where is the movement for change from within after all..said movement wont occur while unionized state employees have protections private sector employees dont being unfirable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I feel better now :)

Justina said...

I wouldn't say this about state workers, "They are not the problem."

Most definitely, because they are not pro-active in being a part of the solution, they are a part of the problem.

When a state worker knowingly goes along with the illegal practices of the management, when they absolutely know a child's safety and well being have horrible or fatal risks, they are accomplices.

I along with others in Washington state are sick of hearing reports of state workers failing to put the safety and well being of a child priority over their job and bank account.

For once, it would be great if we could hear droves of reports of state workers risking their their jobs for standing up against the illegal practices of management, by actually doing what they are hired to do....


Anonymous said...

Or the receptionists. The receptionists are often exposed to it all and some are very angry and frustrated. They probably have to sign confidentiality agreements. They do have a story to tell and often leave their jobs in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with some of the others. State workers are part of the problem because they knowingly go along with the rest and even the GAL etc. They are all in it together including the judge. I HAD to sit back and watch the whole "play" go down with my family! It was a game they played with my son and daughter in law, them pretending to follow the laws and do the whole working with the family thing but the CPS worker, County Attorney, GAL, both their court appointed attorneys and the Judge all knew from the very beginning the outcome was going to be termination of parental rights and adoption to a foster family. IT WAS PLANNED!

Christy said...

I 100% agree, well said!