Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From The City Councilwoman Who Had Her Granddaughter Taken

From an elected small town city councilmember we learn more. A good woman, the department lied to take her 1 1/2 year-old blond, cute, non-drug affected granddaughter. They threatened to take her 10 year-old granddaughter if she gave them any trouble. Please read.

I am the councilwoman who was "supposedly" going to have 15 minute visits with my grandbaby, and alone. This was to occur after my oldest granddaughter visited her for 15 minutes. When CPS was called on it, they blamed the 15 min idea on my attorney, who stated, "I did not do this." We took what we could get." Then, I was called by a worker, and told that a "prior" social worker had to "update" my psych eval, done last month, in order to assure that I was "SAFE" to visit my grandbaby at all! They pull anything they can pull to intimidate you, frighten you, into crawling into a corner, making you "believe" OMG, something must have been said that was "awful" in my psych eval! Well, little did they know, I had my eval in hand as I had paid for it, and completed it of my own accord. Now, they want my doctor to "change" my evaluation, by stating, "I am not safe." He said, " I can not do that." I will not do that." " I can't go against my own evaluation!"

You must be one step ahead of them, that's for sure! Talk about bully's. Bully's always pick on the weak, vulnerable; the innocent victims. I admit, I have my weak moments, but when I get knocked down, I get back up! Thank you is not enough to say, to Senator Pam Roach for stepping up to the plate! This woman is miraculous! God bless you and your family! Lovely picture of John, and the children!


Anonymous said...

We are being asked to do a psych.eval. and this is after a favorable adoption home study was done independently by a lady with 25 years experience. How can we trust having that done? WE CAN`T!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is an important piece of the psych eval process that is often overlooked by family. It is the letter that is sent to the evaluator from CPS outlining what it is they want evaluated specifically. It is important to have copy of that letter and do not sign a confidentiality statement for CPS until you have two things. One, a copy of the letter and supporting documentation, and two a general direction of the diagnosis prior to the info by DSHS is submitted. The psych eval is not a therapeutic tool. It is a legal process that is used to get people to incriminate themselves and most of the time they don't have a good reason for requiring it of extended family.
Don't be afraid to question the validity of this requirement. They have to have a reason and find out what their reason is before you complete the eval. You can question their reasons in court and ask the court to rule on it. The court may try to refer back to DSHS, but then you can file a motion to reconsider then appeal.