Monday, August 10, 2009

How Do You Take A Poor Republic And Make It A Dictatorship?

There is a formula for changing a poor Latin democracy into a socialist block. The Orgnaization of American States with US backing has been suppporting Mel Zelaya. Here is what Bill from Honduras says:

"In order to understand the severity of Zelaya's actions, we have to imagine a situation where President Barack Obama tries to pass legislation on health care, immigration, or any other policy. For Obama to expect full support in Congress or even full support in the Democratic Party would be unrealistic. Yet President Obama would be so eager to pass legislation or implement policy in all these areas, that instead of negotiating with Congress, he appeals to popular referendums taking advantage of his current popularity. Thus, because Obama is annoyed at Congressional resistance and because he is aware of his popularity, he calls for constitutional reform via a popular referendum that approves a constitution that increases the power of the President to carry out a "socially just policy". Would not America be outraged at such an action? That is exactly what Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela, what Evo Morales did in Bolivia, what Rafael Correa did in Ecuador and what Zelaya tried to do in Honduras."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ms. Roach for your support to my country Honduras.

What Bill says is exactly what Mr. Zelaya tried to do, and what he STILL wants to do in Honduras.

But Bill is still short. Zelaya is accused of a series of crimes, at least 18, including TREASON:

Zelaya may be loved for the whole world, except for the people who really know him: us Hondurans.

Thank you again for helping Honduras on showing the truth to the world.