Thursday, August 13, 2009

KING 5 Covers Alexis Stuth Adoption

There were tears today...and lots of smiles. God bless this new...and now complete, family. I love them.

(Thank you Cheryl for helping with the link!)


Anonymous said...

We love you too, so glad you were there today! The Stuth Family

Anonymous said...

To Doug and Anne Marie, congratulations on the adoption of Alexis. It`s been a long road for you and I was finally able to watch a story about CPS and cry because of a great outcome. It seems as though a miracle occured to get her placed back with you. I pray for something to happen in our case everyday that will change things. We, like you won`t give up. Your story has given a lot of people the strength to keep fighting. We know there can be good outcomes.