Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Answer To Another Reader....The Key Factor

"A victory for Lilly would be, in the long run, a victory for all.

A battle such as this could ultimately change law.

This victory for one may be the one victory for all."

Maggie NYC

And, Maggie...the best change in the law would be to grant standing in court to grandparents in custody cases. The department judges them without opportunity for rebuttal. Many times they are not even allowed in the courtroom. And, when they are they hear the state argue against them for placement as though the grandparents are on trial as criminals! And yet, the states and AGs around the nation seem to have no problem with that.

The goal of government when in court is singular: GET THE CHILD. The judge only has the material provided by the department in front of him/her. And it is a rigged process since the judge can not hear from the grandparents unless they have come up with thousands of dollars, on short notice, to hire and attorney and get standing.

I have sat in the courtroom and listened to the state argue while these lawyers for the department should have reasonably known they were lying about grandparents. In the Stuth case...even the TV camera and prime time Seattle News at a major station was not enough....It is really bad.

Readers: Have you sent off your well thought out and spell checked letters?

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Anonymous said...

My grandchildren are probably going to get removed today and I am facing the same issues as a grandparent. I am going pro se and fighting for them regardless of what is brought. To not fight is unthinkable, to lose is a travesty, and for the whole family a substantial loss that can never be regained.