Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Girlnapping


Dear Pam, All:

Tonight after taking care of my grandniece for 4 years, since she was a baby under the auspices of CPS and about to adopt her, the Adoption Assistance Team and CPS permanently removed her from my home. This little girl is in agony and so am I and there is not a thing I can do. I am the only mother she has ever known. They don't care about that, just their opinions which are based on deliberate falsehoods.

It was all around my ex-husband who committed a sex offense 25 years ago and I am still friends with him because he is the father to our three kids and grandfather to our two grandchildren. We are not married. We live separate lives, but because we are friends and he is around my family too, I "used bad judgment."

I had never left my grandniece alone with my ex-husband for HIS protection because he helped raise our own children with knowledge of the State. Nothing ever happened to them nor has DSHS found one thing wrong with my grandniece or my grandchildren.

Here is the worst part for me because it is all lies: They accused me of lying to them, when I did not. They said I did not tell them about my ex-husband but I am the one adopting this little girl, not him. I am not married to him nor do we live together.

They all say, DSHS, the CASA, all of them that my grand niece was well cared for and loved, a healthy well adjusted little girl who has never been abused. Yet still they say it will be impossible for me to adopt her. They have made up their mind. And so they took her and gave her away as to them all she is is their "property."

The name of the social workers are: Elizabeth Brandt and Sandy Greenup out of the Martin Luther King Children's Services and their supervisors are also going along with this.

I am in agony because I know it will permanently damage this little girl. Furthermore, they actually set my family up. They knew my ex-husband was coming to this meeting tonight and had insisted on a "no contact order" with my grand niece, which we were more than glad to honor and did honor. Then, without telling any of my family, they made sure my grand niece was there at this meeting when they, themselves, insisted on this no contact order ... I believe they were setting us up.

You can see it so clearly, that this DSHS "team" is sick. I have lots more to tell, but the truth is, even they say I did nothing wrong except they accused me of lying, which was a lie in itself. I have always been honest with them. Always.

I heard my grand niece screaming for me when I left. Screaming in agony for her Nana. What a terrible thing to do to an innocent little girl when I have done nothing wrong. Nothing.

THEY lie and it is fine.... but I tell the truth and I am a liar since I do not have any of their "credentials." Now I am in terrible grief and had to write. Senator Fairley's office, who knows the whole story advised me to post here because she said that Senator Roach was gathering these stories.

Thank you so much for having a place that let me speak about the corruption and sickness of CPS as well as the whole DSHS system because I needed a place to come and grieve. I wish there was help but I do not think there is for this little girl or me, the one who loves her more than anyone.
Cat in Seattle ~ keening in terrible grief.

Dear Cat,
Go back to Senator Fairley and ask her to stand up for you. Ask her to contact Susan Dreyfus directly. This is a non-partisan issue. The department lies without consequence and without apology. They really don't mind any of the hurt they cause. If Susan Dreyfus does not step up to make changes it will not happen for many years. This is a test of the governor. She either appointed Dreyfus to make our system work...or she was appointed to do a better job of defending the evil citadel.


Anonymous said...

By the way..CPS caseworkers are not credentialed. They have no professional training other then a 6-week course. They are not licensed social workers and not even registered with the Dept of Health.
This is something Senator Roach and I have spoken about changing. Since they are not credentialed, they have no professional code of conduct.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to this family as well as all the other families! I have said it before and I stand firm. What a sick, twisted bunch of bastards we call our "system" This has to end!!

Anonymous said...

The issue of money being involved with CPS has come up many times. If it isn`t money, then why on earth would our Governor sit back and do NOTHING to help protect the children being hurt? The pattern of the age and gender of these children is clear. Absolutely anybody with half a brain cell can figure out something is going on. It seems that everything is more important to the Gov. than the children in our state.

Anonymous said...

That is their pattern. They call the families liars but in all reality, they lie to get what they want and get by with it. It is fine for families to have their kin in their care until somebody they know wants a child meeting that description. SICK!!!! Maybe the governor doesn`t know what it means to have a bond with a child. Maybe, just maybe, Sec. Susan Dreyfus has a heart. She needs to go through and fire everyone of those people who have broken laws or violated policies. Anyone else has accountability when they do something wrong in their workplace. Maybe a general story needs to go out to the media strictly about the family first laws being broken and that it`s happening everyday. The public needs to be aware.

Cat said...

Thank-you all for your support. Pam thank-you, I will call Senator Fairley and ask her to talk to Sec Dreyfus. I do not hold much hope though because the whole System is a "cabal" and now that I am labeled a liar, I am not sure what to do.

Also in the meeting I described I tried to speak our of heart and agony. My son told me since he was sitting right by Elizabeth Brandt and her supervisor. He told me they were laughing and rolling their eyes while I was speaking. He finally turned to them and asked them what was so funny. I guess tearing up a little girl and calling me a liar and then watching the agony it caused, is funny to them.

And as someone commented on another thread about when you criticize the System, this was one of the things I did was tell them about how the System had hurt my family.

Thanks for letting me write. Thanks so much Pam

Cat In Seattle

Anonymous said...

Not only do they need to be fired they need to be prosecuted for violating the laws. What is going to stop them from moving to another State and continue violating laws?

Anonymous said...

the state vs. one woman alone? and we should all sit back and wait calmly and see..? Cat will not get any response..the child and her family will go through torment and horror. The department will continue on and Cat and her baby will simply become another one of us...I say we stand behind Cat as she speaks to the governor and susan dryfuss.. that would make a bigger impact, as well as witnesses!
I see nothing wrong with a group of concerned citizens doing this in support of Cat and her child...
The department needs to stop...The department needs to give back our children that they have stolen from us!